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Royal Electronics / ROYALOHM

ROYALOHM has more than 30 years of resistor manufacturing & distribution. Its adaptability to changing times leads to its continuous growth. 1978 at Hsin Chu,Taiwan started manufacturing of conventional type resistors.

1988 Thailand factory expansion to wider product lines including the Surface Mount Technology. Royalohm is, without any question, one of the most renowned manufacturers of electrical resistors in the world. For four decades now, the company with its 1,500 employees has been convincing on a global scale in the automotive and energy sector and in the electronics consumer market. With factories in Thailand and China, Royalohm is in charge of the entire production process. This can be seen as a decisive advantage in times of high demand.

ROYALOHM served bigger scope of global market. 2004 Ticrom Technology, Shenzhen, China factory is dedicated to serve local China manufacturing sites for Surface Mount Device (SMD) requirements
ROYALOHM Products:
  • Chip & Network Resistors

    • Thick Film Chip Resistors
    • Chip Array
    • Chip Kit Album
    • Resistor Network
    • Current Sensing Chip Resistors
    • High Power And High Voltage

  • Coating Resistors

    • Carbon Film Fixed Resistors
    • Precision Metal Film Fixed Resistors
    • Metal Oxide Film Fixed Resistors
    • Fusible Fixed Resistors
    • Wire-Wound Fixed Resistors
    • Terminal Type of Metal Oxide Film Fixed Resistors
    • Metal Glaze Film Fixed Resistors
    • Jumper Wires & Zero Ohm Resistors
    • Panasert Type Resistors
    • Avisert Type Resistors
    • Formed Type Resistors
    • MELF Resistor
    • Power Metal Fixed Resistors
    • KNP Type

  • Cement

    • Cemnt Fixed Resistors
    • Cement Thermal Fusible Resistors
    • Power Flate Alloy Resistors
    • Power (Ribbon) Wire-Wound Resistors
    • PDM (automotive)
    • PRT_PRF (automotive)
    • COIL resistor (automotive)
    • ALU110W (automotive)
    • QL resistor (automotive)
    • KNHA_QRHA (automotive)
    • CAR 50W
    • ALU 50W