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magnetic components and power supplies


Tamura Transformer Global Tamura Transformer Distributor IBS Electronics Tamura Transformer Parts Tamura is a world-class manufacturer of high quality electronic components for global markets. With 2011 sales greater than 900 Million US Dollars, Tamura Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of magnetic components and power supplies in the world. Publicly traded on the First Section Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Tamura has proven financial strength, innovation and ability to grow for more than 80 years. Tamura's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and Mexico support leading edge technologies for the future's high demand applications.

Tamura supports its customer base in N. America, Asia, and Europe with Regional Engineering Services, a Technical Engineering Sales Staff as well as a staff of Design and Quality Engineers. Our Mission is to provide our customers with a selection of catalog products as well as custom solutions, engineered to meet our Customers' specific performance and cost needs while ensuring the industry's highest level of quality.

Tamura Corporation has a long-standing commitment to quality. It is a characteristic held to the highest standard at all Tamura locations from Design to Production. To meet this objective, we strive to produce an environment of continuous improvement to ensure the highest level of service, performance in design, durability in manufacturing, and on time delivery. We are committed to provide our customers with a production partner dedicated to the environment, ISO9000, ISO14000 and safety agency certifications.

From the foundation of Tamura Corporation in 1924 to this present day and age in which we find ourselves expanding our operations into evermore global fields, the mission of our group has not changed. We will always strive "to contribute to society by producing excellent products."

Tamura has engineered some of the most automated and advanced manufacturing facilities in the business. With production locations in Japan, China, Mexico, Malaysia, and the Czech Republic, Tamura offers our customers a wide range of capabilities, services, and low cost alternatives to fit their needs. Our production facilities produce over One Million items a day as members of a vertically integrated team supporting each other with products from raw materials to completed assemblies.
Tamura has more than 80 years experience of designing and manufacturing chokes and transformers. Tamura is capable of offering a wide range of wound components, from small telecom transformers up to 1MVA transformers, coils and reactors. Our customers often have special requirements regarding design, size, flexibility and capacity. Tamura ability to accommodate them is the key to the success.

Tamura Products:
  • Electronic Components
    • Transformers
      • Pulse Transformers
      • Audio Transformers
      • Telecom Transformers
      • Communication Transformers
      • Hybrid Coil
      • Power Transformers
      • Reactor
      • Switch Mode Power Transformers
      • Vacuum Tube Type Power Supply Transformers
    • Current Sensors
    • Power Supplies
      • Switching Power Supplies
      • Power Supplies Unit
      • AC Adaptors
      • DCDC Converters
      • Isolation Amplifiers
    • Piezo & Transducers
      • Piezoelectric Ceramics for High Power Applications
      • Piezoelectric Ceramic Transformer (SOLIDFORMER®)
      • Piezoelectric Inverter New Control IC (with TH20)
      • High Voltage Power Supplies
      • Ultrasonic Transducers
      • Bolt-clamped Langevin Type Transducer
      • Bimorph Type Transducer, Sensor
    • Magnetic Materials
    • Thermal Cutoffs(Anzen Dengu Co., Ltd.)
  • Electro Chemical Materials/Soldering System
    • Electro Chemical Materials
    • Reflow Soldering System
    • Wave Soldering System
    • System Related to Semiconductors
    • FA Requirements
  • Broadcast Equipment/Wireless Intercom System
    • Audio Mixing Console
    • Audio Mixer
    • izm Series
      • Digital Portable Mixer
      • Digital Audio Recorder
      • Vacuum Tube Pre-Amp
      • System Controller
      • Serial Remote Controller
    • Peripheral Equipment
    • Studio Monitor Speaker
    • Wireless Intercom System
    • Wireless Microphone System
      • Network Equipment/Wireless Equipment
      • Network Equipment
      • Analog Modem
      • Wireless Equipment