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Vishay Intertechnology

Vishay discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. manufactures and supplies discrete semiconductors and passive components in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) segment offers low- and medium-voltage TrenchFET MOSFETs, high-voltage planar MOSFETs, high voltage super junction MOSFETs, power integrated circuits, and integrated function power devices. The Diodes segment provides rectifiers, small signal diodes, protection diodes, thyristors or silicon-controlled rectifiers, and power modules. The Optoelectronic segment offers standard and customer specific optoelectronic components, such as infrared (IR) emitters and detectors, IR remote control receivers, optocouplers, solid-state relays, optical sensors, light-emitting diodes, 7-segment displays, and IR data transceiver modules. The Resistors & Inductors segment provides film, wirewound, power metal strip, crowbar and steel blade, variable, RF and microwave, high voltage, and non-linear resistors, as well as battery management shunts, thermo fuses, chip fuses, pryotechnic initiators/igniters, networks/arrays, dividers, temperature sensors, magnetics, and connectors. The Capacitors segment offers tantalum, ceramic, film, power, heavy-current, aluminum electrolytic, and energy storage capacitors. The company's semiconductor components are used for power control, power conversion, power management, signal switching, signal routing, signal blocking, signal amplification, two-way data transfer, one-way remote control, and circuit isolation functions; and passive components are used to restrict current flow, suppress voltage increases, store and discharge energy, control alternating current and voltage, filter out unwanted electrical signals, and other functions. It serves industrial, computing, automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, power supplies, military/aerospace, and medical industries. The company was founded in 1962 and is based in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Vishay Semiconductor GmbH manufactures and supplies infrared data communications devices, rectifiers, Infrared transceivers, glass diodes, displays, infrared receiver modules, optocouplers, photo detectors, and optical sensors worldwide. The company semiconductors portfolio includes schottky, small-signal switching, RF-band switching, FM capacitance, RF PIN, suppressor, and zener diodes, as well as bridge rectifiers, schottky rectifiers, and switching soft-recovery rectifiers, light emitting diodes, sinterglass diodes, as well as small-signal transistors. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Heilbronn, Germany. Vishay Semiconductor GmbH operates as a subsidiary of Vishay Europe GmbH.

Vishay has grown through acquisition to include such top names in discrete electronic components as Dale, Sfernice, Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, Siliconix, General Semiconductor, BCcomponents, and Beyschlag.

Vishay's portfolio of brands represents an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors, passive components, integrated modules, stress sensors, and transducers. All of these brands and products are part of one global manufacturer: Vishay

Vishay has its own subbrands:

 Vishay Brands

  • Vishay Angstrohm
  • Vishay Aztronic
  • Vishay BCcomponents
  • Vishay Beyschlag
  • Vishay Central
  • Vishay Cera-Mite
  • Vishay Dale
  • Vishay Dale Thin Film
  • Vishay Draloric
  • Vishay Electro-Films
  • Vishay ESTA
  • Vishay HiRel Systems
  • Vishay Huntington
  • Vishay Mills
  • Vishay MCB
  • Vishay Milwaukee
  • Vishay Polytech
  • Vishay Roederstein
  • Vishay Semiconductors
  • Vishay Sfernice
  • Vishay Siliconix
  • Vishay Spectrol
  • Vishay Sprague
  • Vishay Techno
  • Vishay Vitramon
  Vishay Angstrohm
Vishay Aztronic
Vishay BCcomponents
Vishay Beyschlag
Vishay BLH
Vishay Celtron
Vishay Cera-Mite
Vishay Dale
Vishay Draloric
Vishay Electro-Films
Vishay ESTA
Vishay Foil Resistors
Vishay Measurements Group
Vishay Micro-Measurements
Vishay Nobel
Vishay Roederstein
Vishay Semiconductors
Vishay Sensortronics
Vishay Sfernice
Vishay Siliconix
Vishay Spectrol
Vishay Sprague
Vishay Techno
Vishay Tedea-Huntleigh
Vishay Thin Film
Vishay Transducers
Vishay Ultronix
Vishay Vitramon
Analog multiplexers
Analog switches
DC/DC converters
FETs, small-signal
Hybrids & substrates
Integrated modules
IR emitting diodes
IR receiver modules
IR touch panels
Load cells 
Motion transducers
  Optical sensors
Photo detectors
PhotoStress® Plus
IrDA® transceivers
Power ICs)
R/C networks
Resistors, discrete
Resistors, variable
RF transceivers
Solid state relays
Strain gages
Test & measurements
Transistors, RF & AF
Weighing systems
Resistor networks
Vishay Passive offers a wide range of passive components, with the product portfolio spanning from resistors and inductors right up to capacitors. Vishay aims at the industrial, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, computing, and medical markets. Vishay launches innovative new developments time and time again. The latest, for example, include the AEC-Q200 qualified ceramic capacitors of the AY2 range, which can survive 3000 temperature cycles in a range from -55 to +125C and polymer capacitors with ultra-low ESR and extra compact designs.
Vishay ensures their components meet or exceed the stringent requirements of specifications. Vishay offers a variety of high-quality components and the reliable and flexible technical and commercial support.
Precision Strain Gages and Sensors

High Precision Foil Resistor

Precision strain gages


Nobel Load Cells