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WTL-Logo WTL is a Manufacturer with main products: Crystals, Quartz Crystals, Resonator, Oscillator. WTL offers quartz crystals, filters, resonators, oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, SAW device.

WTL is a professtional company in China at crystals, filters, oscillators, resonators filed. WTL's products are wildly applied in the field of communication,computer,TV set,acoustics equipment,etc. All of them are RoHS compliant.

Quartz crystals are widely used in today's electronics circuits as high quality tuned circuits or resonators. Despite their high performance quartz crystals are cheap to produce and they find many uses in applications from oscillator clock circuits in microprocessor boards, the timing element in digital watches as well as their more traditional applications in radio frequency applications where they may be used as the resonators in highly stable quartz crysal oscillators of high performance crystal filters.

Following is Shenzhen WTL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Product list: wtl order info
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-HC49 series (HC49U/HC49S/HC49SMD, 49SMD 4pads)
-SMD crystal 4 pads (7*5mm, 6*3.5mm, 5*3.2mm, 4*2.5mm, 3.2*2.5mm, 2.5*2.0mm,2.0*1.6mm)
- SMD crystal 2 pads ( 8*4.5mm, 7*5mm, 6*3.5mm, 5*3.2mm,3.2*2.5mm)
-Watch crystal / cylinder crystal/ tuning fork(2*6mm,3*8mm,2*6mm frog type. SMD3.8*8.0mm, 6.9*1.4mm, 4*1.5mm, 3.2*1.5mm,4.9*1.8mm, 2.0*1.2mm )
-UM-1.UM-5. UM-1+ Jacket, UM-5 + Jacket
-MCF filter
-Oscillator(full/half size,7*5mm,5*3.2mm,3.2*2.5mm,2.5*2.0mm)
-TCXO,VCXO (7*5mm,5*3.2mm,3.2*2.5mm)
-Ceramic resonator & filter(ZTT,ZTA,ZTB,CRB)
-SAW DEVICE(TO39,F11,QCC8C,SM2,5*3.5mm3.8*3.8mm,3*3mm)

-Voltage Controlled Crystal Oacillators(CMOS Output)--(5.0*3.2*1.2mm,7.0*5.0*1.6mm)

-Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators( 2.5*2.0*0.75mm, 3.2*2.5*0.9mm, 5.0*3.2*1.15mm,5.0*3.2*1.55mm, 7.0*5.0*1.85mm)
-Crystal Oscillators(PECL/LVDS/HCSL Output)--( 5.0*3.2*1.2mm,7.0*5.0*1.5mm,7.0*5.0*1.6mm)
- Crystal Oscillator(CMOS Output)( 2.5*2.0*.9mm, 3.2*2.5*1.05mm, 5.0*3.2*1.2mm, 7.0*5.0*1.4mm)
- Programmable Crystal Oscillators(2.5*2.0*0.9mm,3.2*2.5*1.05mm)
- Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator(PECL/LVDS Output)--(5.0*3.2*1.2mm,7.0*5.0*1.6mm)
- Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators(14.3*9.3*6.0mm,20.6*20.6*11.0mm,25.4*22.1*11.0mm,25.4*25.4*12.7mm,36.3*27.2*12.7mm)
- Cross below brands:
EPSON, CITIZEN, SII ( SEIKO), TXC Popular types: EPSON: MC146, FC-135 CITIZEN:CM 315, CM200S SII: SSP-T7 TXC: T11,T10 Certification: All of the above parts are ISO9001:2000, TS16949, SGS, RoHS certificated. Applications: - Computer & accessories: notebook, wireless mouse,mainboard. - Cosumer products such as home applicance, such as TV,radio. - Communication: telephone, mobile phone,walkie-talkie, Iphone; - Wireless : WIFI, WLAN, bluetooth, GPS. - Tranportation: Car, car audio, car accessories, ABS system, card sytem. - Hospital: machines - Industrial, meters, airlines. Services: - super quality, all parts are produced under strict & standard crystal oscillator production process. 72 hours aging test. - We have IPQC,FQC,OQC,QA dept for checking every step of the goods. - fully support reliability test. - we offer 8D report for compliant - engineers can support you for the new design - Cost saving - full range crystal oscillator products big supply - shorter lead time - safe package with bubble bag inside for protecting the goods. - Welcome agents to sell WTL own brand. - OEM order: can do your marking - support your packing details & marking & barcode.