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BetaTHERM Thermistors
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A thermistor is an element with an electrical resistance that changes in response to temperature. This name is derived from the more descriptive term " THERmally sensitive resisTOR". Modern thermistor technology results in the production of devices with precise resistance versus temperature characteristics, making them the most advantageous sensor for a wide variety of applications.

Apr 3, 2006: Measurement Specialties announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the capital stock of BetaTHERM Sensors, a temperature sensor company headquartered in Galway, Ireland. Established in 1983, BetaTHERM designs and manufactures precision thermistors and custom probes used for temperature sensing in aerospace, biomedical, automotive, industrial and consumer goods applications.

BetaTHERM Parts
BetaTHERM Sensors is a leading provider of high precision NTC thermistors and temperature probe assemblies. Our range of NTC thermistors and probe assemblies are suitable for a wide range of temperature measurement, temperature control, and temperature compensation applications. Markets served include Biomedical, Aerospace, Instrumentation, Communications, Automotive and HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning & Refrigeration). BetaTHERM products fit best in applications where end product functionality is dependent on thermistor quality, accuracy, reliability and fast response-time. BetaTHERM Sensors was acquired by Measurement Specialties in 2006.


BetaTHERM Products

BetaTHERM Sensors - Measurement Specialties Products
The types of products manufactured by BetaTHERM Sensors - Measurement Specialties include Leadless Chips, Leaded Thermisters, Probe Assemblies, Surface-Mounted Devices, High Reliability Space Components.

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