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deutsch-logo Deutsch is a manufacturer of electrical and fibre optic connectors. They specialise in extreme environments such as high temperature, pressure (altitude and depth), high vibration and many other different applications like Space, Formula 1 cars, Defense, Civil & Military Aerospace and Battle Field applications. The company is now part of TE connectivity.

DEUTSCH DT connectors are suited for transportation, agriculture, military, heavy equipment, and mobile off-highway applications that require superior environmental seals.
The DEUTSCH DT connector series are multi-pin connectors offers industry-leading seal retention capabilities and unique contact technologies that boost performance while maintaining drop-in compatibility with all other existing standard products industry-wide.

TE Connectivity / DEUTSCH DT Family of connectors are environmentally-sealed connectors designed for cable to cable applications on the engine or transmission, under the hood, on the chassis, or in the cab. On signal level circuits in harsh environmental conditions where small connection degradation may be critical, the DT Series general purpose connectors provide reliability and performance at a low cost.

Material Specifications
  • Grommet: Silicone rubber
  • Insert Retainer: Thermoplastic
  • Receptacle Interfacial Seal: Silicone rubber
  • Shell: Thermoplastic
  • Wedgelocks: Thermoplastic

DT Family

ACT Mil-C-38999 Series III

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