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mallory-logo Mallory's product line including CGS brand, large can, computergrade aluminum electrolytic capacitors,Miniature axial and radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Motor run capacitors and motor start capacitors, Solid tantalum leaded capacitors,Ceramic disk and MLCC Capacitors,Extensive capacitor mounting hardware Audio and wirewound controls.
DuraCap acquired the Mallory capacitor, wire wound resistor and variable induction tuner businesses from Emerson Electric in 1993.
2002: CDE Acquired the distributor division of NACC Mallory Products Group in April and increases sales through distribution to greater than 40%.
CDE is a leading manufacturer of capacitors for power electronics. Principal markets are renewable energy, power supplies, motor drives, HVAC, HID Lighting, motors, welding, aerospace, telecom, and UPS systems. CDE's major capacitor types are aluminum electrolytic, polyester film, polypropylene film, mica, pulse, snubber, motor-run, motor-start, HID Lighting and high voltage capacitors. These capacitors are under the Cornell Dubilier and Mallory brand names.
Mallory-DuraCap inc manufactures and distributes electronics like electrolytic capacitors, wirewound potentiometers, selector switches and inductuners.

Polar and nonpolar aluminum electrolytic capacitors are manufactured by Mallory-Dura Cap International Inc that range up to 9" long, 500 VDC and 1.5 Farads. Sizes from 3/4" diameter to 3.5" diameter are available.

Every application is catered for by Mallory-DuraCap Inc but the specialisation lies in variations of the EA (Extreme Application) capacitor. The major applications of the product line offered by Mallory-Dura Cap Inc are found in strobe, professional DC drive units and photoflash units.

Extreme Application Capacitor offered by Mallory-Dura Cap Inc is an extreme application aluminum electrolytic capacitor having a long life. This Extreme Application Capacitor is available in a rugged aluminum can and has a choice of terminal and mounting configurations. The Extreme Application Capacitor excels in high-ripple capability and electrical performance.
In 1978 P. R. Mallory was acquired by Dart Industries the owner of Rexall Drugs, Tupperware and wanted the rights for Duracell. Dart merged with Kraft in 1980 and they spun Duracell off to equity group KKR in 1988 who took it public a year later. It was acquired by Gillette in 1996 and by Proctor and Gamble in 2005.
The US capacitor and timer divisions were acquired by Emhart in 1979 and Black and Decker acquired Emhart in 1989. P.R. Mallory was renamed Mallory Controls and was acquired by Emerson Electric in 1991. Emerson Electric, located in St. Louis, Missouri also acquired many other well known companies such as Copeland Refrigeration, Rosemont, Liebert UPS Systems, Fisher Controls, Knurr AG., Artesyn Technologies and Aperature.
DuraCap acquired the Mallory capacitor, wire wound resistor and variable induction tuner businesses from Emerson Electric in 1993.