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Fronter Electronics Corporation

Fronter-logo Fronter Electronics is a manufacturer of electrical parts & components, including bluetooth crystals, SMD crystal resonators, through holes, crystal oscillators, ceramic filters, etc. Certificated by ISO 9001:2000 & SGS.

Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Quartz Crystal Electronic Components inChina, which specializes in researching & developing, producing and marketing. Established in Shenzhen of China in 1991, Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd. has been focusing on Quartz Crystal Electronic Components.
Fronter Electronics offers blue-tooth crystal, smd crystal resonator, through-hole crystal, resonator crystal oscillator, crystal filter, ceramic resonator, ceramic filter, ceramic discriminator & trap saw resonator/filter. With more than 20 years development, based on independent innovation, emphasis on research and development and constant improvement of the technological content of the products, Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd. has been one of the largest production bases of Piezoelectric Crystal Components inChina. Meanwhile, the logo FT has become progressively a famous brand in the industry of Quartz Crystal Electronic Components at home and abroad.

Fronter Electronics is a leader in design, manufacture and marketing of quartz electronic components in China. The formation of Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd began in Shenzhen China in 1991 and focused on sales of quartz crystal devices. This initial focus rapidly expanded to include the founding of its own factory in Shenzhen, which providing monolithic crystal filters and HC-49US and HC-49US/SMD crystal resonators with Motorola OEM manufacturers for their walkie-talkies and cordless phones production. With 10 years, development, Fronter Electronics made the next step-- set up its HK office with the name of Hong Kong Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd in 2001. This new operation allowed Fronter Electronics to expand its activities by utilizing the rapidly expanding, technically trained force that came from famous institutes mainland to support the development of certain type of new products like monolithic crystal filters with 8 poles and 10 poles to the market worldwide. The same time, Fronter Electronics expanded investment in manufacturing facilities in Shandong province to set up Fronter Electronics (Shandong) Co., Ltd and Hebei factory. In 2006, Fronter Electronics increased the investment to Shandong factory and set up R&D in design of monolithic crystal filter. Now Fronter Electronics (Shandong) Co., Ltd. is the largest professional manufacturer of monolithic crystal filter in China. In Hebei factory, Fronter Electronics announced the new design of 2.5x2.0 SMD crystal resonator in July 2007. Fronter Electronics, current activities now include a much broader range to domestic and worldwide markets. The engineers at Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd. continue to design and develop new products and manufacturing processes to meet its customers ever changing needs and to insure that its factories are able to supply high quality quartz electronic components at lowest cost. In addition, 90 percent of all products sold to customers are manufactured through its own factories. A quality assurance program is also carried out at Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd in which acquired certificate of ISO 9001:2000 in October 2002. All operations of Fronter Electronics are currently centered in company owned facilities of three factories in Shenzhen, Shandong and Hebei with staff number over 900 persons. All 42 engineers with backgroud in electronic engineering to support Fronter Electronics in design, development and production from time to time. 5 persons of them came from leading institutes. With the manufacturing resources and the depth of technology, Fronter has proven to be a reliable supplier of high quality quartz crystal products to some of the world largest telecommunication electronics manufacturers including such companies like Motorola, Reliance, WKK, Jabil, Konka, etc.Through its Shenzhen and Hong Kong offices, Fronter Electronics is able to keep in close contact with its customers and to react quickly to their changing requirements for product specifications and delivery schedules. Fronter Electronics can also dispatch shipments on whatever basis best suits the customer,s inventory management program. Its technical support engineers can go to customers for discussion of solution in application of circuits. Fronter Electronics is well prepared to service the needs of any customer for quartz crystal products and to fully satisfy their requirements for reliability, quality and competitiveness