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HollyLand Fuses - Circuit Protection Components

HOLLYLAND offers a wide product range under the HOLLYFUSE brand, including miniature fuses, micro fuses, SMD fuses, high & low voltage fuses & PTC re-settable fuses. HOLLYLAND also produce other circuit protection devices such as thermal fuses and a comprehensive range of fuse holders.

Hollyland Fuses
As the leading protectors manufacturer, the company provides a wide product portfolio consisting of miniature fuse(glass-tube fuse & ceramic-tube fuse), miniature fuse accessories, microfuse, surface mounted chip fuse, thermal cutoff, power fuse (semi-conductor fuse), and polymer positive temperature coefficient resettable fuse. All of products are lead-free and fully complied with RoHS and REACH requirements. The items are extensively certified by major international approvals such as UL, UR, CSA, VDE, TUV, BSI, SEMKO, CCC, IMQ, CQC, PSE, KC, and more. In addition to our standard product range, Hollyland also provides tailor-design and manufacture for customers' specific needs & requirements.
Products:The company products are widely used in communications, computers, transportation, audio & entertainment electronics, lighting, new energy resource & other electronic power system protection.


Product consists of Miniature Fuse(Glass-tube and Ceramic-tube Fuse), Miniature Fuse Accessories, Microfuse, Surface Mounted Chip Fuse, Thermal Cut-off, Power Fuse (Semi-conductor Fuse) and Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient Resettable Fuse.The rated current ranges from 100mA to 1200A and the rated voltage ranges from 125V to 1000V with a maximum breaking capacity of 120kA.
  • Cartridge fuse
  • MicroFuse
  • Radial Lead Fuse
  • SMD Fuse
  • Power Fuse
  • Resettable Fuse
  • Thermal Cutoff
  • Fuse Accessories
  • PV Fuse

Cartridge fuse

general bend angle drawing of   5??6? tube    fuse


general bend angle drawing of   3? tube fuse

31NM, 32NM Series  F3.6X10mm  Fast-blow
100mA-15A  125V/250V  UL/CSA
31S, 32S Series  F3.6X10mm  Slow-blow
100mA-15A 125V/250V CCC/CQC/VDE/UL/CSA
30T Series  F3.6X10mm Slow-blow
200mA-6.3A  250V  CQC/VDE/UL/UR/CUR
36T Series  F3.6X10mm  Slow-blow 
200mA-5A  250V  CQC/VDE/UL
35NM, 36NM Series  F3.6X10mm  Fast-blow
100mA-15A  125V/250V  UL/CSA
35S, 36S Series  F3.6X10mm  Slow-blow
100mA-15A  125V/250V  UL/CSA
41NM, 42NM Series  F4.5X15mm  Fast-blow
300mA-15A  125V/250V/300V  UL/PSE/KTL
41S, 42S Series  F4.5X15mm  Slow-blow
200mA-10A  125V/250V  UL/PSE/KTL
41ST, 42ST Series  F4.5X15mm
Medium Slow-blow 100mA-15A 125V/250V PSE
51NM, 52NM Series  F5X20mm  Fast-blow
100mA-15A  125V/250V  UL/CSA/PSE/KTL
51MS, 52MS Series  F5X20mm
Medium Slow-blow  100mA-15A  125V/250V
51S, 52S Series  F5X20mm  Slow-blow
100mA-15A  125V/250V  UL/CSA/PSE/KTL
51NR, 52NR Series  F5X20mm  Fast-blow
100mA-15A  125V/250V  PSE/KTL
51ST,52ST Series F5X20mm Medium Slow-blow
100mA-15A  125V/250V  PSE
50F, 50F(P) Series  F5X20mm  Quick-acting
125mA-20A  250V
50T, 50T(P) Series  F5X20mm  Time-lag
100mA-20A  250V 
50CF, 50CF(P) Series  F5X20mm  Quick-acting
250mA-16A  250V
50CT, 50CT(P) Series  F5X20mm  Time-lag
200mA-16A  250V
61NM, 62NM Series  F6.35X32mm  Fast-blow
100mA-15A  125V/250V  UL/CSA/PSE/KTL
61MS, 62MS Series  F6.35X32mm
Medium Slow-blow  100mA-15A  125V/250V
61S, 62S Series  F6.35X32mm  Slow-blow
200mA-15A 125V/250V UL/CSA/PSE/KTL/TUV
61NR,62NR Series   6.35X32mm   Fast-blow
100mA-15A   125V/250V   PSE/KTL
61ST, 62ST Series F6.35X32mm
Medium Slow-blow 100mA-15A 125V/250V PSE
65NM, 65NM(P) Series  F6.35X32mm  Fast-blow
300mA-30A  125V/250V  UL/PSE/KTL
65TS, 65TS(P) Series  F6.35X32mm  Slow-blow
500mA-30A  125V/250V  UL/PSE/KTL/TUV
5CT Series f5.2×20mm Time Lag
6FF Series ¢6.35×32mm Very Fast-acting
200mA-16A  500V/1000V  TUV


20N Series  F2.4X7mm  Fast-blow  100mA-20A
60V/72V/125V/250V  CCC/UL/CSA/PSE
20S Series  F2.4X7mm  Medium Slow-blow
200mA-10A  125V/250V  CCC/CQC/UL/CSA/PSE
20T Series  F2.4X7mm  Slow-blow  375mA-7A
30N Series  F3.6X10mm  Fast-blow 
200mA-15A 125V/250V/350V  UL/CSA/PSE
30TS Series  F3.6X10mm  Slow-blow 
200mA-10A 125V/250V/350V