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littlefuse fuses Littelfuse, Inc is a multinational electronic manufacturing company based in Chicago, Illinois. The company primarily produces circuit protection products but also manufactures a variety of electronic switches and automotive sensors.
Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every market that uses electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment. Our history of innovation, proven technical expertise and the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products enable us to provide objective, comprehensive solutions for each customer’s unique needs. We are also expanding into adjacent markets that complement our core business including power distribution centers for mining operations, generator controls and protection for marine applications, heavy-duty switches for commercial vehicles and electromechanical sensors used in the automotive industry.

Fuseholders & Accesories
Littelfuse TVS Diodes
Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays
Littelfuse Resettable Fuses
Littelfuse LED Protection Devices
Littelfuse Gas Discharge Tubes
Littelfuse Power Semiconductors
Littelfuse PulseGuard ESD Supressors
Littelfuse Sensors
Littelfuse Varistors
Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays SPA


  • Fuses
  • Resettable PTCs
  • Varistors
  • TVS Diodes
  • TVS Diode Arrays
  • Fuse Blocks Fuseholders and Fuse Accessories
  • Switching Thyristors
  • SIDACtor Protection Thyristors
  • LED Protectors
  • Relays, Controls and Systems
  • PulseGuard ESD Suppressors
  • Gas Discharge Tubes
LittelFuse Technology:
Circuit Protection
ESD Protection Devices
Fuse Assortments
Fuse Blocks, Holders & Clips
Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT)
More Circuit Protection
PTC Resettable Fuses
Transient Voltage Suppressors
TVS - Thyristors
TVS - Varistors, MOVs & MLVs
Semiconductors - Discretes
Diodes - Rectifiers
Diodes - Zener Single
More Semiconductors - Discretes
SCR Thyristors
More Connectors
Passive Components
More Passive Components
Automation & Process Contro
More Automation & Process Control
Switches & Relays
More Switches & Relays
Switch Components
More Electrical
Fasteners & Mechanical
Fasteners & Fixings
Semiconductors - ICs
More Semiconductors - ICs
Tools & Production Supplies
More Tools & Production Supplies
Tools - Hand & Workholding
Cable, Wire & Assemblies
More Cable, Wire & Assemblies
Fans, Heat Sinks & HVAC
More Fans, Heat Sinks & HVAC
Power & Line Protection
Surge Protectors
Semiconductors - Tools
More Semiconductors - Tools
Test, Measurement & Inspection
More Test & Laboratory Equipment
Selection Guide Fuse Characteristics
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