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Meggitt Electronic Components

Meggitt-logo Meggitt Electronic Components (MEC) was acquired by TE Connectivity in 2001, and products formerly branded as Meggitt are now part of TE Connectivity.

Meggitt Electronics are pleased to offer this unique High Power, metal chip resistor for current sensing. It has a special solid metal resistive element. Development of a range of IC's for battery charge management and low voltage power supplies need the TL to satisfy the demand for a low ohmic shunt resistor to act as a current sensor it has particular applications in the automotive industry for sensing in EMU's.

Tyco Electronics Components Limited designs, manufactures, supplies, and distributes passive electronic components and sensors for the automotive and medical markets. It offers resistive devices, including trimmers, control potentiometers, power resistors, precision resistors, inductors, and switches. The company provides potentiometric devices, such as fuel level sensors for the automotive industry, as well as offers surface mount devices, thermistors and light touch switches, precision networks and precision thin film inductors, and film resistors.

On March 10, 2011, Tyco Electronics Ltd changed its name to TE Connectivity. TE Connectivity Ltd designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor solutions for a variety of industries including automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defense, medical, oil and gas, consumer electronics, energy and subsea communications. The company serves customers in more than 150 countries.