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Nemco-logo Nemco Electronics Corporation was founded in New York in 1975 with a charter to become a world class supplier of tantalum capacitors. By focusing on one dielectric type, Nemco would become a leader in the tantalum industry as well as a trusted and respected partner to its customers. Nemco relocated to Northern California in 1979 to better serve the increase in demand from Silicon Valley.

Over the years Nemcoís product line up has evolved to meet the changing performance and form factor needs of the electronics manufacturing sector. From the radial leaded components of the 70ís to the sub-miniature and ultra-low ESR surface mount parts of the 90ís to the new polymer tantalums used in modern designs; Nemco has always had an eye to whatís next.

In 2014 Nemco was acquired by Nexsun Electronics, Inc. co-located its headquarters to Nexsunís Irvine, California offices. Today, Nemco operates as an independent division of Nexsun, and remains committed to pushing the limits of tantalum.

Meets or exceeds EIA 535 BAAC and IECQ standards (QC300801/US0001, IS-28)
Capacitance range: 0.1 µf to 470 µf
> Voltage range: 4 to 50WVDC
>Down sized, extended range values
> Low profile sizes
> Surge tested for maximum robustness
> Operating temperature range: -55ºC to +125ºC, 2/3 × Vr (linear derating) above +85ºC
> Precision molded case with flat surfaces for vacuum pick-up
> Laser marking and bold videcon-readable polarity stripe
> Compliant terminations
> Glue pad on underside for bonding to circuit board prior to soldering
> Encapsulant material satisfies the UL 94 VO flammability classification