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Panduit Distributor Parts
Panduit is a world-class manufacturer committed to innovation and excellence. We have continually lived up to that commitment with the help of superior people, the latest equipment and future-oriented management.
Today, Panduit is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for wiring and communications applications. We are also known for innovative products that offer maximum reliability at the lowest total installed cost. This reputation gives us a powerful advantage in today's competitive worldwide marketplace.

  • Panduit Electrical Group is a world wide leader in the manufacture of high-quality electrical products including cable ties, wiring accessories, terminals, and identification products such as computer printable labels and portable labeling systems, wiring duct, heat shrink tubing, wire abrasion protection, and accessories.
Panduit Connectors

Termination Solutions Catalog
    • Terminals - Quick Connects, Quick Disconnect Connectors
      Quick Disconnect DNF18-187-M D10-250-D
    • Terminal Blocks - Accessories - Marker Strips
      FSD80-8-DSL6 m50-350a TCT-13PO
    • Terminals - Adapters
      1776533-40 D-250A-C AdapterPanel
    • Keystone - Inserts
    • Modular Connectors - Jacks

Easy Selection Guide for Pan-Term® Terminals

PANDUIT Termination Solutions

Panduit's butt splice catalog

Copper Compression Metric Lugs and Splices

  • Panduit Power & Line Protection
  • Panduit Circuit Protection
  • Panduit Automation & Process Control
  • Boxes, Enclosures, Racks
  • Tapes, Adhesives
  • Electrical Solutions Catalog

Panduit Panduct Wiring Duct Catalog