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RCD Components is a world class manufacturer of resistors, magnetics, delay lines and capacitors. RCD Components has been in business for over 40 years and has worked hard to provide their customers with their zero defect policy so that you know that the RCD product you are using in your design will conform to the provided specifications. Recently, RCD Components has introduced a full line of MLC and tantalum capacitors in an effort to offer a broad range of capacitor solutions to the industry.

RCD has been a key manufacturer of standard and custom Resistors/Capacitors/Coils/Delay Lines for over 40 years. RCD's USA plant is the home of the SWIFT program, and also specializes in military, aerospace and custom/specialty products. Caribbean and Asian facilities are geared for medium to high volume production, helping to ensure the industries most competitive pricing.

IBS Electronics is an RCD Components franchised distributor, RCD Components resistors, capacitors and coils, as well as delay lines.

Acknowledged throughout the electronic components industry for its service and engineering excellence, RCD Components Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of resistors, capacitors, coils, and delay lines. Founded in 1973, RCD continues to be one of the fastest growing passive components manufacturers due to its ABZED™ ABsolute ZEro Defect guarantee, fast turnaround on non-standard products, including its exclusive SWIFT™ service for delivery of non-standard and non-stock items in as little as three days, and its inventory in excess of 2 billion components. Since its inception, RCD's goal has been to strengthen its position as a growing and profitable organization that provides the highest quality passive components and services to its customers. RCD is a no-nonsense, quality-oriented company that defines quality as 100 percent customer satisfaction. This goes well beyond failure-free product and focuses also on service, delivery performance, and pricing. As a customer-driven company, RCD offers more than 100 customized product options such as increased voltage capability, gold plated lead wires, custom marking, non-standard values, and military screening to readily fulfill the specific design requirements of each customer.

If you're still looking for the best resistors, you've found them. Capacitors, coils, and delay lines too! RCD's Absolute Zero Defect continuous improvement program is resulting in ever improved quality levels via emphasis on total quality, just-in-time delivery, total preventative maintenance, employee involvement and simplicity.
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