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SAMWHA Capacitor Group with a history dating from 1956/South Korea, produces a wide range of high quality passive components, like power capacitors, MLCCs, EMI filters, chip inductors, varistors and ultra high voltage MLCCs.

Samwha Electric Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based manufacturer engaged in the production of capacitors.

Samwha is a leading manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Samwha offers a broad line of electrolytic capacitors in SMT, through-hole and screw-terminal configurations. In addition to the normal aluminum electrolytic dieletric, in addition Samwha as recently added an aluminum polymer based product offering. Sahwha also offers their Green-CapTM EDLC modules, which offer advanced energy storage for the energy efficient designs of tomorrow.

The Company's product portfolio consists of green-cap electric double layer capacitors, conducting polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, surface mount aluminum electrolytic capacitors, miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors and large aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which are used in household, industrial and measurement equipment.

Samwha Capacitors

Samwha Electric


    Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

    Radial MLCC

    Axial MLCC


    Disc Ceramic Capacitor

    EMI Filter

    LC Filter

    Radial Bead Filter

    Axial Bead Filter

    Bead & Inductor

    Chip Ferrite Bead

    Chip Ferrite Inductor

    Chip Power Inductor


    Disc Varistor

    Power Capacitor

    High Voltage Power Capacitor

    Low Voltage Power Capacitor

    Power Electronics Capacitor

    Energy Storage Supercap




    Single Cell


    Aluminum E-Cap

    Polymer Al E-Cap

    Surface Mount Al E-Cap

    Miniature Al E-Cap

    Large Al E-Cap

    Ferrite Core

    E Core

    PQ/RM Core

    POT Core

    Low Profile Core

    EP Core

    Planer Core

    SQ, SQE, UU Core

    Toroid Core

    Rod, Bar, Screw Core

    Drum/SMD Core

    LF Antenna Core

    Ferrite Sheet for Wireless Charging

    Ferrite Absorber

    EMC Core

    Magnetic Powder Core

    Toroid Core

    E Core

    U Core

    Block Core

    Powder for Ferrite Plate

    RFID (NFC)

    Wireless Charger


    AC-DC Transformer

    DC-DC Transformer

    Balun & Lan Transformer

    POE Transformer


    SMD Power Inductor

    High Current SMD Inductor

    Radial Inductor

    Chip Bead & Inductor

    EMI Filter

    Choke Coil

    Foil for Electrolytic Capacitor

    Etched Cathode Foil

    Formed Cathode Foil

    Current Collector

    Current Collector for EDLC