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SCHURTER Corporation

SCHURTER-logo For over eighty years, SCHURTER has strived for quality and continuous innovation ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of electrical equipment. SCHURTER products are certified according to UL, CSA, VDE (ENEC10), METI, CCC and KTL standards and carry country specific approvals.

Schurter specialize in the design and manufacturing of innovative electronic components that offer customers a safe and easy solution for circuit protection and power quality including fuses, fuseholders, circuit breakers, IEC connectors, power entry modules (PEMs), EMC filters and vandal resistant switches. Schurter's primary markets include Data Communications, industrial, Renewable Energy, Medical and Test Instrumentation.Fuses, Varistors, Connectors, EMC Products, Power Entry Modules, Circuit Breakers for Equipment, Switches, Keypads.

SCHURTER is a leading manufacturer of connectors, circuit breakers, fuses and switches with a huge selection of products. SCHURTER supplies a variety of passive components and connectors to a range of different industry types including transportation, telecommunications, Aerospace, Medical and many more.

The Schurter Group of companies is a privately held global network of manufacturing and distribution companies providing electromechanical and electronic components worldwide. Headquartered in Switzerland, the Group includes manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, India, and China; distribution facilities in the UK, the US, Singapore in a total of over 14 countries.

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