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Sincera Technology Corporation

Sincera is now a brand owned by Walsin Technologies. Walsin Technology Corporation's manuafacturers multiple-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs), chip resistors and arrays, LTCC high frequency components (including antennas and filters), multi-layer common mode filters, EMI and ESD filters, varistors, and positive temperature coefficient resistors.

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Sincera R&D, manufacture and sale of ceramic electronic components for the electronic and electrical engineering industries.
  • Surface Mount Devices
  • Sensing and Controlling Components
  • MLCC
  • MLCI
  • PTCR
  • Varsitor
PTCRs (Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors)
Current Regulators:

  • Degaussers for colour monitors and television screens
  • Motor starters for refrigerators and air conditioners
  • Ballast for fluorescent lighting
  PTCRs (Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors)-Sincera Technology Corporation- Passive Components
Self-Regulating Heaters:

  • Heater fans
  • Glue guns
  • Mosquito killers
  • Hair cutters
  • Diesel fuel preheating systems
  PTCRs (Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors)-Self-Regulating Heaters-Sincera Technology Corporation- Passive Components
Circuit Protectors:

  • Transformers
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Telephone circuits
  • DC motors
  • Digital multimeters
  PTCRs (Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors)-Circuit Protectors-Sincera Technology Corporation- Passive Components
  • Execute complex degausing or starting functions with a single PTCR unit.
  • Regulate current flow, ensuring optimum performance
  • Control temperature, ensuring temperatures remain constant
  • Control current flow, ensuring protection from irregular or sudden surges in current.
  • Protect from overloading and over-heating
  • Re-set automatically after protection
  • High performance
  • Very safe
PTCRs (Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors)-Specifications-Sincera Technology Corporation- Passive Components
  • Consumer electronics
  • industrial electronics
  • Communication electronics
  • measuring and controlling systems
  • Electronic home appliances
  • Protection of rectification diodes, SCRs, power transistors, triacs, semiconductor devices, etc.
  • Absorbtion induction in relays, electromagnetic valves and coil induced surge waves.
  ZINCOXIDE VARISTORS-Sincera Technology Corporation- Passive Components
  • High performance transient voltage supression
  • Short response time to surge voltage
  • Low standby power dissipated
  • Low clamping voltage
  • High performance withstanding surge current
  • High reliability
  • Wide product range: 18V to 1100V
  ZINCOXIDE VARISTORS-Characteristics-Sincera Technology Corporation- Passive Components