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Tai-Tech Advanced Electronics Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing of power inductors. Their main products include hi-current power inductors, EMI supression filters, chip inductors, as well as high frequency winding type chip inductors.

Tai-Tech is one of the largest manufacturers in Taiwan with a global reputation for technical excellence and superior customer service. Tai-Tech complete ranges of magnetic components are comparable to those of major market competitors but with a more competitive price, shorter lead time and premium quality

Main products:

Inductors & Transformers

Unshielded Type Power Inductors
• Low Cost Power Inductors in Various Cases
• High Energy Storage Power Inductors in Standard Cases 1608,2012,3316,3340,5022
• Miniature Multipurpose SMD Power Inductors
• Small Profile Power Inductors for Low Inductance Range
• Rugged Design High Current Power Inductors in Cases 3316 & 5022
Shielded Type Power Inductors
• Power Inductors in Cases 1608,2012,3308,3316,5022
• Shielded Types Multipurpose Power Inductors
• High Performance Ferrite Shielded Power Inductors
• Magnetic Shielded, Rugged Design Power Inductors
• Magnetic Shielded Chip Inductors in Case 1008
• Low Profile Magnetic Shielded Power Inductors
• Very High Current Power Inductors
Molded Wire Wound Chip Inductors
• Molded Type Wire Wound Chip Inductors in Cases 1210, 1812, 2220
• Molded Type Wire Wound High Current Chip Inductors in Cases 1210,1812
Ceramic Wire Wound RF Chip Inductors
• Standard 0402,0603,0805,1008
• High Current 0603 CASE
• Low Profile 0805 & 1008 Cases
• High Q 0805 & 1008 Cases
Single Line Ferrite Beads
Ferrite Wire Wound Chip Inductors
• Standard 0806,1008,1206,1210,1812,2220 Cases
• High Current 0806,1008,1206,1210,1812 Cases
• High Q
1206 Case
Miniature Wirewound Common Mode Filter 0805 & 1206 Cases
Low Profile SMT PowerInductors
• Small Profile SMT Inductors for Low Inductance Range
• Ultra Low Profile Power Inductor
Through Hole Radial Type Power Inductors, Include Shielded Type


Ferrite Chip Beads 
• Ferrite Chip Beads for GHZ Applications
• Ferrite Chip Beads With Ultra Low DCR
• Ferrite Chip Beads With Low or High Impedance 
• Ferrite Chip Beads With High Impedance for High or Low Speed Applications 
• Ferrite Chip Beads for High Current applications 
Ferrite Chip Inductors in Cases   0603, 0805, 1008, 1206, 1210, 1812
High Frequency Ceramic Chip Inductors in Cases  0402, 0603, 0805
Ferrite Chip Bead 4 Line Array
3 Terminal EMI Filters for EMI Broadband Suppression-- 0805 & 1206 Cases


• 10/100 Base -TX Single Port RJ45 TAP Up & TAB Down With Leds
• 10/100/1000 Base -TX Single Port RJ45 TAP Up With Leds
• 10/100/1000 Base -TX Multi  Port RJ45 TAP Up  With Leds
• RJ45 /DUAL USB Combo With Leds