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Amphenol Thermometrics Temperature Sensor Solutions

Thermometrics-logo Since 1965, Thermometrics Corporation has been dedicated to furnishing the industrial community with a smart, yet simple, cost effective solution to temperature measurement. Thermometrics is a manufacturer of analog and digital temperature sensors, RTD's, thermocouples, thermowells, sanitary sensors and accessories for Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Marine, Petro-Chemical, Food Processing and Utilities. Thermometricscorp.com features Temperature Sensors and components to customize a sensor for your application. Thermometrics designs and manufactures temperature sensors and assemblies. The Company produces thermistors as well as skin, meat, infrared, medical, pressure, water, and solar sensors. GE Thermometrics distributes their products internationally.

Thermometrics was acquired by Amphenol Advanced Sensors.

GE Measurement & Control Solutions (MCS)' Thermometric product line plays a vital role in the measurement, control, and protection of automobiles, medical devices, telecommunications systems, fluorescent lights, domestic appliances, and countless other applications. GE Measurement & Control Solutions (MCS) recently acquired Thermometrics, a leader for nearly 60 years in the design and manufacture of high quality thermistors and varistors. GE Measurement & Control Solutions (MCS) offers a wide array of thermistors and industrial temperature and humidity sensors through their Thermometric product lines.

Thermometrics/Amphenol makes NTC and PTC Thermistors and RTD's, chips, beads, discs, rods, probes, standard and custom assemblies. Temperature range from cryogenic to 450 C. Resetable fuse PTC applications.

The Thermometrics temperature product line contributes more than 70 years of technology experience in the design and manufacture of high quality sensors to the Amphenol Advanced Sensors portfolio of sensor-based solutions.