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toko-logo Toko Electronic Mfg., Co. Ltd. were established in the year 1963 to meet our customer's increasing demand. In the past years, we have rapidly expanded our business and production facilities in China, namely Shenzhen Baolong factory and Zhuhai Dumun

Esterline Technologies Corporation is a publicly traded company that designs, manufactures, and markets specialty products primarily for aerospace and defense customers. The company is best known as a supplier of products and equipment for aerospace companies such as Boeing and Airbus; and for American and allied military forces.

TOKO’s products are taking an active part in fields like communication, audiovisual, information, home & industry, car electronics and keep expanding according to the needs of the times.
Power field’s high efficiency transformer and RF field’s wireless communication components indispensable for this wireless society are attracting the attention from all fields of the market.

Not only electronic parts but also the development of module products is actively preceded. Especially the contactless charger is expected to be used for various mobile devices including the mobile phone.

Applicable on TI and network equipment such as personal computers, LAN, FTTH, etc.

  Coil Based Products
Coil, Transformer, and Inductor
Widely applicable on DVD, DSC/DVC, digital AV devices such as LCD TV, and communication devices such as mobile phones
Common-mode Choke Coil, Interface module
  Module Products
Digital broadcasting and receiving module
Digital radio for North America
Contactless power transmission module
Contactless power charger is suitable for cordless phone, TV game, headphone, etc.
  Electronic Ceramic Products
Dielectric Filter, Antenna
Suitable for various communication equipment, navigation systems, etc.
Multilayer Related Products (such as chip inductors)
Multilayer chip products are suitable for mobile communication products such as cellular phones.

Murata acquired controlling interest of TOKO, Inc. in March of 2014. Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd completed a tender offer to become TOKO Inc.ís largest shareholder and parent company. The synergies brought about by this alliance will allow Murata and TOKO to deliver next-generation power inductor products through knowledge sharing in the areas of technology advancement, manufacturing and quality control. Already an industry leader in Noise Suppression and Inductor products, Murata can now offer customers expanded solutions with Metal Alloy Inductors and Variable Coils. As the evolution of the strategic alliance progresses, effective April 2015, Murata has assumed sales, service and technical support for the portfolio of TOKO products.