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Venkel Ltd.. is a manuafacturer of printed circuit board components, specializing in Surface Mount Components. Products offered include Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, Choke Coils, Ferrite Beads, Inductors, Resistors, Thermistors and Engineering Kits.

Venkel components are used for a wide range of applications in industrial and consumer electronics, computers, telecommunication, aerospace and automotive industries. Products are RoHS Compliant, REACH Compliant and Conflict Minerals Free.
Venkel is also a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) through the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). 

Venkel is active in manufacturing passive components used in products, such as automotive electronics, computers, consumer and industrial electronics, and telecommunications equipment. The company's passives are placed on printed circuit boards incorporating surface-mount technology, which saves space compared with through-hole boards. Venkel's products includes chip capacitors (multilayer ceramic capacitors, or MLCCs, and tantalum caps), chip inductors, chip resistors, chip resistor networks, choke coils, ferrite beads, and engineering kits. Venkel was founded in 1986 by Anil Venkatrao, the company's president, and CFO Ravi Venkatrao.
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