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RF Products Parts: 

RF Products Parts:

As a trusted distributor, we prioritize delivering reliable and top-notch RF components to our customers worldwide. With our extensive industry knowledge and comprehensive inventory, IBS Electronics is your go-to source for a wide range of RF components, empowering you to achieve optimal performance in your broadcast, industrial, and communications projects.

A worldwide distributor for over 30 years, IBS Electronics offers a wide range of rf components for broadcast, industrial and communications, including 3M, Amperex, Anritsu, Radiall, Amphenol and FCI brands along with a full range of sockets through 20kW. In addition, the company stocks a large inventory of popular and hard-to-find RF transistors and power modules from Motorola, Toshiba, MA/COM, Mitsubishi and Microsemi.

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RF Coaxial Components


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    Frequency Control Products


      RF Terminators

      • Bomar Interconnect
      • Cinch Connectivity Solutions
      • Global Specialties
      • Hirose Electric
      • Radiall
      • Rosenberger
      • TE Connectivity
      • Trompeter
      • SV Microwave
      RF Connector Tools

      • Amphenol RF
      • DMC Tools
      • Neutrik
      • TE Connectivity