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Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions encompass a wide range of technologies, with a focus on helping design engineers increase their product's speed-to-market. The Panasonic product portfolio covers all of today's latest communication protocols with ready-to-use modules for Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, and Wi-Fi. Designed with simplicity in mind, Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions allow design engineers to quickly extend wireless communication into their feature set without a comprehensive knowledge base of wireless hardware and software design.

Panasonic Components Electronic Components Make your product Powered by Panasonic
You are the visionaries. The engineers. The designers. The Architects of the next dimension. We are the makers of your building blocks. Panasonic manufactures a wide range of reliable and advanced electronic components. And we'll custom build to your specifications. With Panasonic Electronic Components, enter the next dimension.
Panasonic Electronic Components Products:
NEW!PAN1721 Series Bluetooth® Low Energy
Ultra Low Power, Bluetooth Low Energy Module

Introducing the PAN1721, a complete power optimized Bluetooth v4.0 Low Energy (BLE) solution, this module includes an embedded processor, antenna and BLE stack. The PAN1721 is engineered for ultra low power consumption applications.

NEW!PAN1323 Series Bluetooth® Triple Mode, High Temperature RF Modules

Three Standards, One Small Module!
One highly flexible RF Module, three popular standards: Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT™. Panasonic introduces the NEW PAN1323 Series Triple Mode RF Module with embedded antenna. The PAN1323 Series provides easily integrated Bluetooth Version 4.0 and ANT connectivity into new and current designs by removing RF design and certification barriers from the development of the application. Gain unprecedented access using this three mode gateway module that can connect 14 Million ANT nodes to over 3 Billion Bluetooth nodes.

Bluetooth Smart Low Energy RF Module with Antenna
The NEW PAN1720 Series is a cost-effective, low-power, true system-on-chip (SoC) for Bluetooth Low Energy applications. The module includes an eight channel, twelve bit analog-to-digital converter, 19 GPIOs plus battery and temperature sensors.

Introducing the NEW PAN1325A/1315A Series Bluetooth RF Modules from Panasonic Electronic Components, now providing Texas Instruments' NEW CC2560A controller in an easy-to-use RF Module format with Bluetooth, FCC, IC and CE certifications. A ROM update from Texas Instruments to the already popular CC2560 IC has allowed Panasonic to improve its top selling PAN1325/1315 Series. The NEW PAN1325A/1315A Series Modules has increased power and system efficiency resulting from reduced initialization script size, start-up time and decreased system memory requirements.

Introducing the NEW PAN1321i Series Bluetooth RF Module compatible with Apple devices such as the iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®. The PAN1321i Series interfaces with the Apple authentication coprocessor and supports iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP) to enable Bluetooth Serial Port data communication with Bluetooth enabled Apple devices. The PAN1321i Series wireless Bluetooth connectivity also includes compatibility with Android, smart phones and most Bluetooth enabled devices.

Introducing Panasonic's latest breakthrough in wireless networking, the New PAN1326/1316 Series RF Modules featuring both Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth connectivity. This powerful new technology combination creates a low cost, ultra-low power wireless networking solution for short range applications.

One development module, three standards: Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT™.This unique triple mode ETU – that's ETU for "Easy-To-Use" – module plugs directly into Panasonic development kits, Texas Instruments MSP430 and Stellaris experimenter boards with the added benefit of header connectors that simplify prototype wiring and field trials.

Introducing Panasonic's newest breakthrough in wireless networking, the PAN1327/1317 Series RF Modules featuring both Dynastream's ANT wireless protocol and Bluetooth connectivity. This powerful new technology combination creates a low cost, ultra-low power wireless networking solution for short range applications.

NEWPAN1311/1321 SERIES BLUETOOTH® RF MODULES Featuring Serial Port Profile (SPP)

Introducing the New PAN1311/1321 Series. This series of Bluetooth RF Modules is a highly integrated, cost engineered solution for Bluetooth applications using Serial Port Profile (SPP). The PAN1311/1321 Series is a full Bluetooth system solution, with an integrated controller and antenna, Bluetooth transceiver, SPP Profile, FCC and Bluetooth product certifications. Using Panasonic’s exclusive “tiny footprint” technology, incorporating a Surface Mount Device (SMD) Land Grid Array (LGA) package, the PAN1311/1321 Series is just 15.6 mm by 8.7 mm!


The PAN4561 is a brand new extended range 2.4GHz, ISM, SNAP® software enabled RF module with an industry-leading small footprint size of 35mm x 15mm x 3.5mm!

Panasonic is an industry leader in cutting edge RF Module technology and provides powerful, highly flexible, cost-effective RF Modules for a wide variety of applications.

Advantages of Panasonic RF Modules:

    • Panasonic RF Modules get your wireless products to market faster.
    • Panasonic RF Modules provide a constant footprint and pin out over several generations of IC MicroControllers.
    • The time or software resources required to learn network stacks and develop applications is daunting and expensive. Panasonic is partnered with several software developers for all of the major network protocols -- SNAP®, Bluetooth®, and ISM.

RF Modules from Panasonic can reduce the total cost of ownership for product development. By designing in an RF Module rather than a discrete wireless solution, you can reduce expensive development, test, certification and production resource requirements.