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About AKM

: Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) has focused on development in two areas of information and communication systems: custom and application-specific LSIs. Its mixed-signal CMOS ICs have led to the creation of design and process technologies for high-quality, low-power consumption products for communications and multimedia applications.
The company offers a range of products that includes analog-digital mixed-circuit ICs for mobile communications equipment, AD and DA converters based on delta-sigma self-calibration technology, and mass storage ICs incorporating lossless compression and error correction technology.

AKM Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

AKM Components - Inventory

AK2301-E1  IC PCM CODEC LSI 3.3V 8mA TSSOP-16  AKM  1000
AK2346-E2  IC Audio Processor 1.9~5.5V 3.6864MHz VSOP-24  AKM  6000
AK4120VF  ASIC SRC AK4120VF VSOP-24  AKM  28
AK4213ECB  IC 3*3*0.5mm -40 ~+85C CSP-29  AKM  150
AK4375AECB  IC Converter DAC 32-bit 1.7~1.9V 25mW CSP-36  AKM  100
AK4386VT-E2  IC DAC Converter 2.2~3.6V 2ch 96KHz 24-Bit TSSOP-16  AKM  1000
AK4388AET-E2  IC DAC Converter 4.5~5.5V 192KHz 24-Bit TSSOP-16  AKM  3000
AK4393VFP-E2  AKM AK4393VFP-E2  AKM  779
AK4396VFP-E2  IC AK4396VFP 192 KHZ DAC  AKM  649
AK4424ET-E2  IC DAC Stereo with 2Vrms Output 4.5~5.5V 192KHz 24-Bit TSSOP-16  AKM  3000
AK4430ET  IC STEREO DAC 24-Bit 192KHz TSSOP16  AKM  32
AK4524VF-E2  24Bit 96KHz Audio CODEC 5V 10mA -65~150? VSOP-28 PB-FREE  AKM  61
AK4648EC  Stereo CODEC CSP 3.7*3.8*0.5mm 40mW 3.6V SMD-47  AKM  581
AK4671EG-L  Low Power 2ch ADC/2ch DAC 2.2~3.6V 30mW BGA57 PB-FREE  AKM  274
AK5381VT  stereo A/D Converter 24BIT 96kHz 3~5.5V -40~85? TSSOP16  AKM  50
AK5383VSP-E2  AKM AK5383VSP-E2  AKM  824
AK5701VN  IC STEREO ADC 16-Bit AK5701VN QFN24  AKM  32
AK5702VN  ASIC 4-channel ADC AK5702VN QFN32  AKM  135
AK6480AMP  IC 8Kbit Serial CMOS EEPROM 1.8~5.5V 0.75mA SSOP-8  AKM  59
AK6480HF  EEPROM 8192Bit 2.5~5.5V 3-Wire Type SOP-8  AKM  1711
AK6510CM-E2  IC SPI bus 32Kbit CMOS EEPROM 1.8~5.5V 0.8uA SSOP-8  AKM  2000
AK7740ET  Audio DSP 3.3V10% 10mA LQFP-48 Pb-Free  AKM  1500
AK7742EQ  IC Audio DSP 24bit 3.3V0.3V 8~96KHz LQFP-48  AKM  1500
AK8567  N/A  AKM  45
AK8963C  3-axis Compass AK8963C WL-CSP BGA14-pin  AKM  28
AK8970N-L  Electronic Compass Module 2.5~3.6V 8.5mA -30~85?QFN24 PBF  AKM  19990
AK93C45F  1024bit EEPROM 2.5~5.5V -30 to 70? SOP-8  AKM  234
AK93C65LF  IC 4096Bit Serial EEPROM 1.8~5.5V -30 to 70? SOP-8  AKM  1442