Hon Hai ranks No. 1 tablet assembler in world

hon hai
In a research report, Hon Hai, which assembles iPhones and iPads for Apple Inc. and many other electronic products for the world's biggest brands, had a 17.8% share of global slate tablet shipments in the 3 month period and a 31.1% share of detachable tablet shipments, the highest ever, IDC data showed.

IDC global hardware assembly research team released the latest report, the third quarter of 2016, although the global flat panel assembly industry has entered the peak season, but the global shipments are still subject to large-scale mobile phone, key components out of stock and other factors, resulting in shipments Volume growth rate of record low season, only 9.5% growth over the previous quarter, which the world's ordinary flat (Slate Tablet) assembly shipments increased 8.7%; global detachable flat panel (Detachable Tablet) assembly shipments increased by 15.1%.