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ASOF3S3-020_0M Summary: ASOF3S3-020_0M from Connor Winfield is Crystal oscillator OCXO 20.000MHZ LVCMOS Surface Mount Device

electronic components Part Number:  ASOF3S3-020.0M
Part Description:  ASOF3S3-020.0M by Connor Winfield is an electronic component, Crystal oscillator OCXO 20.000MHZ LVCMOS Surface Mount Device
Manufacturer: Connor Winfield
Quantity Avail:  602
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Connor Winfield

- Connor-Winfield Corporation

The Connor-Winfield Corporation is a privately held, US based electronic product manufacturer. After incorporation in 1963, Connor-Winfield focused primarily on designing and manufacturing quartz based timing circuits and oscillators for use in a wide variety of electronics applications. In the 1990's, Connor-Winfield expanded into other product areas while maintaining a continued focus on its core timing roots.

Connor-Winfield's frequency control products are used in a wide variety of applications including telecommunications, LAN and WAN products, computer, and other microprocessor and electronic equipment. We specialize in designing custom and semi-custom frequency control products but also offer a broad line of standard oscillator products and non-crystal based oscillators.
Core Value and Business Conduct Policy Statement

At Connor Winfield, it is our policy to conduct our business affairs honestly and in an ethical manner. That goal requires each individual in the organization to accept responsibility to promote integrity and demonstrate the highest level of ethical conduct in all of our activities. Activities that may adversely impact our reputation or integrity should be avoided. The key to achieving our business goal and complying with this Code is exercising good judgment. This means following the law, doing the "right" thing, and acting ethically even when the law or internal policy is not specific.

This Code applies to all employees, officers and Directors of Connor Winfield and its subsidiaries and branches in all locations.It is based on the Company's core values, good business practices and compliance with applicable law.

Managers set an example for other employees and are often responsible for directing the actions of others. Every manager and supervisor is expected to take necessary actions to ensure compliance with this Code, to provide guidance and assist employees in resolving questions concerning the Code and to permit employees to express any concerns regarding compliance with this Code. No one has the authority to order another employee to act contrary to this Code.

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