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electronic components Part Number:  TC74AC86F
Part Description:  TC74AC86F by TOSHIBA is an electronic component, TOSHIBA TC74AC86F IC GATEEXCL OR QUAD 14-SOL
Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
Stock Qty:  24
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- Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage offers a broad range of enabling technology solutions that allow OEMs, ODMs, CMs and fabless chip companies to develop advanced integrated products for the computing, networking, communications, digital consumer, automotive and other markets.

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TC74AC86F TOSHIBA toshiba tc74ac86f ic gateexcl or quad 14-sol
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TC74HC4024AP TOSHIBA 7-stage binary counter dip-14
TC74HC593AP TOSHIBA 8-bit binary up counter dip-20
TC74AC164FT(EL) TOSHIBA 8-bit shift register 2v~5.5v tssop-14
TC74VHC04FT-EL TOSHIBA cmos digital hex inverter -0.5~7v 50ma tssop14
TC74HC4040AF TOSHIBA cmos digital ic 2~6v 73mhz 4?a -40~85 ? sop-16
TC74HC07AF TOSHIBA cmos digital ic hex buffer 2~6v 50ma sop14-p-300-2.54
TC74LCX08FT TOSHIBA cmos digital integrated circuit 2.0 to 3.6 v sop14
TC74HC32AF(EL) TOSHIBA cmos digital integrated circuit silicon monolithic 5v sop-14
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TC74HC273FT-EL TOSHIBA cmos digital octal d-type flip flop sop20
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TC74VHC00FT-EL TOSHIBA cmos quad 2-input nand gate -0.5~7v 50ma tssop14
TC74VHC02FT(ELM) TOSHIBA cmos quad 2-input nor gate 2~5.5v 180mw sop-14
TC74HC368AP(M) TOSHIBA hex bus buffer
TC74HC368AP TOSHIBA hex bus drivers inverted data outputs 3-state outputs dip16
TC74HC368FN TOSHIBA hex bus drivers inverted data outputs 3-state outputs so16
TC74HC174AFN TOSHIBA hex d-type flip flop 2~6v 50ma 180mw sol16-p-150-1.27
TC74HC174AF TOSHIBA hex d-type flip flop 2~6v 50ma 180mw sop16-p-300-1.27
TC74HC14AFN TOSHIBA hex schmitt inverter so14
TC74VHC244FT(ELM) TOSHIBA ic buff/dvr tri-st dual 2 v~5.5v 8ma tssop20
TC74VHC367FT(ELM) TOSHIBA ic bus buffer tri-st hex 2v~ 5.5v 8ma tssop16
TC74HC07AP TOSHIBA ic cmos digital integrated circuit 20ma 5v dip14
TC74HC138AFN(M) TOSHIBA ic decoder 3-to-8 line 16-sol
TC74HC139AP TOSHIBA ic decoder dual 2-4 line 16-dip
TC74VHC74FT TOSHIBA ic flip-flop dual d-type 2~5.5v 8ma -40~85c tssop14-p
TC74HC74AF(EL) TOSHIBA ic flip-flop dual d-type 77 mhz 14-sol
TC74HC08AFN TOSHIBA ic gate and quad 2inp 14-sol
TC74HC00AP TOSHIBA ic gate nand quad 2inp 14-dip
TC74HC373AF TOSHIBA ic latch oct d-type 3-st 20-sop
TC74HC373AP TOSHIBA ic latch octal d-type 20-dip
TC74HC157AP TOSHIBA ic multiplexer quad 2-ch 16-dip
TC74HC123AP(NEW) TOSHIBA ic multivibrator dl/mono 16dip
TC74HC365AP TOSHIBA non-inverted hex bus buffer 2~6v 6ma 500mw dip16-p-300-2.54
TC74HC273AFW TOSHIBA octal d-type flip-flop ic 2~6v 50ma 180mw sol20-p-300-1.27
TC74HC373AFW TOSHIBA octal d-type latch 2~6v 75ma 180mw sol20-p-300-1.27
TC74HC00AFN TOSHIBA quad 2 input nand gate sol14
TC74HC03AFN TOSHIBA quad 2 input nand gate sol14
TC74VHC08F(EKXM)-PF TOSHIBA quad 2-input and gate pb free
TC74HC132AFN(M) TOSHIBA quad 2-input schmitt nand gate 2~6v 50ma sol14-p-150-1.27
TC74HC193AP TOSHIBA synchronous up/down binary counter dip-16
TC74VHC14FT-EL TOSHIBA toshiba cmos digital integrated circuit silicon monolithic
TC74ACT244P TOSHIBA ttl ic dip20

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