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Part Number Description Manufacturer Quantity  RFQ
  000-979-133-E  CONHOUSING WIRESMASS  1ST VW PAR  74 Inquiry
  121311A  121311A Connector 5 WIRE ASSEMBLY 2MM CENTER PITCH ROHS - WITH UL1430 AWG 26 105C WHITE WIResistor - tariff code 8537.10.9170.  IBS  21 Inquiry
  1409-T540.9  Light Socket with wiresNCR497-0457679  STATE TOOL  1753 Inquiry
  1409-T542.9  Light Socket with wires  STATE TOOL  3381 Inquiry
  21703-RED-IN  WIRESTREPDM20600VRED  AMERICAN I  896 Inquiry
  3075  WIRESTR18UL1015GRNYEL30-70  ALPHA  1274 Inquiry
  3075-5  WIRESTRND18PVCYELLOW 1630STR  SIMCONA  5554 Inquiry
  39007301  HVPO with wire assy CW 350mm wires  DELPHI  861 Inquiry
  39007303  HVPO with wire assy CW 700mm wires  DELPHI  5603 Inquiry
  39007401  HVPO with wire assy Cw 350 mm wiResistor - 115 V  DELPHI  1254 Inquiry
  559-2301-007  DIALIGHT 559-2301-007 HIEFF YELLOW DIFF 14in WIRES  DIALIGHT  1021 Inquiry
  8918-10  WIRESTRAND18AWGPVC600VBLACK  BELDENVA  15656 Inquiry
  CPE-165  CUI# CPE-165 BUZZER PIEZO 30V 4.8KHZ W/WIResistor ROHS  CUI  16000 Inquiry
  PANR104425-175  THERMISTOR MULTI STRINGQC- Alert wiResistor must be stranded.  AMETHERM  6 Inquiry
  UL1007/1569-20-BLK  WireStrandedPVC20AWG300V105CBlackUL1569  AQS  1265 Inquiry
  UL1007/1569-20-GRN  WireStrandedPVC20AWG300V105CGreenUL1569  AQS  21245 Inquiry