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Amphenol ICC

About Amphenol ICC

: Amphenol FCI (Amphenol ICC) designs and manufactures a wide array of high-tech connector solutions for various market applications, including data-communications and telecommunications, data storage and servers, consumer electronics, medical, industrial and instrumentation, automotive motorized vehicles as well as renewable energy.
Amphenol Corporation acquired FCI Asia Pte Ltd., further strengthening FCI as an international connector and cable assembly solutions manufacturer of backplane connectors, power solutions, board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors, input/output connectors, optical interconnect, cable assemblies and flex connectors.
AFCI is well renowned and respected for their technological leadership as well as innovative connector and cable assembly solutions.
Amphenol Information Communication & Commercial (ICC), a division of Amphenol, was established through the alignment of Amphenol FCI (AFCI) and Amphenol IT Communications Products (AITC) in January 2017.
The new Amphenol ICC division is made up of the following groups:
Amphenol FCI, Amphenol Commercial Products, Amphenol InterCon Systems, and Amphenol TCS.

Amphenol ICC Distributor
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Amphenol ICC Components - Inventory

85759-1101LF  Metral Board Connectors Backplane Connectors 4 Row Signal Receptacle Straight Press-Fit.  Amphenol ICC / FCI  rfq