R & D IBS Electronics:

Electronic R&D Services

ISO 9001- 2000-IBS Electronics is Global source for Electronic parts and components
Keep your prototype on course, right down the line.
IBS Electronics closed the gap between design and manufacturing with the latest in automated manufacturing equipment. Our equipment not only allows us to make the manufacturing modifications necessary to produce superior prototypes. IBS Prototype division increased efficiency by keeping labor intensive tasks to a minimum with efficient use of factory automation. We effectively combine these factors to provide our customers with a superior product at a competitive price.
A broad range of manufacturing capabilities.
  • Kitting and turnkey
  • PCB assembly
  • Cable assembly
  • Chassis assembly
IBS has capabilities to manufacture a wide range of high tech, ergonomic enclosure designs in short runs or high volume. We assemble PCB's with through holes and surface mounts meeting all UL standards. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Our Mission:

Leading Edge Technology Research and Development for our clients to get ahead of their competitors. to develop advanced custom IC's and circuits for clients in the areas of:
  • RF Communications
  • Tx, Rx, Synthesizer
  • Signal processing
  • Base-band A/D D/A
  • VLSI
  • Multi-media
  • ASIC
  • Smart card
To develop GSM/PCN/DECT and other personal communications products for clients. Strengths and Values:
  • Proven IC design capability of the most advanced integrated circuits with many innovations.
  • Seven years of solid growth based purely on R&D in the field of Mobile telephony, Industrial Automation, and Instrumentation.
  • A solid record for excellent performance in doing complex designs working simultaneously with 4 teams in 3 continents.
  • Proven SCADA technology with proprietary features.
  • Extremely motivated and well trained engineers.
  • Excellent documentation of all our work.
  • Transfer several patents a year to our clients.
We encourage customer interaction through out the entire design process by working in partnership with our Clients