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About Ashcroft

: Ashcroft�s pressure instruments feature an assortment of configurations to meet most installation requirements. Ashcroft provides pressure gauges in a wide variety of sizes, accuracies and ranges, pressure switches that are ideal for pressure control, shutdown or alarm operations, and pressure transmitters and transducers to meet harsh installation demands for low or high temperatures, high shock and vibration. With a wide range of accessories and diaphragm seals and isolators, you can protect your valuable instruments and control pressure flow. Ashcroft also offers SMART transmitter assemblies that combine devices to provide multiple measurement and control functions from a single pressure port.

Ashcroft Distributor
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Ashcroft Components - Inventory

63-1008SL-02C-XFF-160  Ashcroft 63-1008SL-02C-XFF-160# Ashcroft Type 1008S Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 0-160 PSI  Ashcroft  rfq
8009S  Ashcroft 8009S Pressure Gauge High Purity Pressure Transmitter  Ashcroft  rfq
CANbus  Ashcroft CANbus Pressure Transducer Vacuum to 20 000 PSI KD41  Ashcroft  rfq
E2X/E2F  Ashcroft E2X/E2F Explosion-Proof Pressure Transducer Ashcroft Differential Pressure Transmitter GXLdp  Ashcroft  rfq
F5504  Ashcroft F5504 Differential Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge  Ashcroft  rfq
GXLdp  Ashcroft GXLdp Ashcroft Differential Pressure Transmitter  Ashcroft  rfq
ZT12  Ashcroft ZT12 High Purity Pressure Transmitter Differential Pressure Gauge  Ashcroft  rfq
ZX12  Ashcroft ZX12 High Purity Pressure Transmitter High Purity Pressure Transmitter  Ashcroft  rfq