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About Asia Vital Components

: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.is a manufacturer of fan coolers for CPUs, laptops, and personal computers. The company also provides thermal products and peripherals, including heat sink, and thermal modules.

Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd. (AVC) was founded in 1991. AVC is a listed company in the Taiwan Stock Exchange (Stock code: 3017), and a stock in the Russell Global Index. The Company ranked at No. 126 in the Top 2000 Manufacturers in Taiwan list published by CommonWealth Magazine in 2018. The Company's main products include central processing unit (CPU) radiators, heat sinks, fans, notebook cooling modules, heat exchangers, graphite, heat pipes and soaking plates, water-cooled boards and computer cases. The Company's products are mainly used in the areas of communications and networking, power and energy, transportation, server, personal computer and smart phone. The Company distributes its products in domestic market and to overseas markets, such as the rest areas of Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Asia Vital Components Distributor
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Asia Vital Components Components - Inventory

A611000007  HEAT SINK-CIOB-34.3X25.4X0.6MM-Cu  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  5223
DB03628B12SP005  FAN 12V 36X28 DB03628B12SP005  ASIA VITAL COMPONENTS CO LTD  49
DB03628B12SP005  FAN 12V 36X28 DB03628B12SP005  ASIA VITAL COMPONENTS CO. LTD  2238
DFTA0456B2UP009  FAN 12DB 40X40X56 28.68C/17000  ASIA VITAL COMPONENTS CO LTD  62
DFTA0676B2SP003  FAN 12DB 60X60X76 84C/13900  ASIA VITAL COMPONENTS CO LTD  15
DS04020B12S-074  FAN 12DB 40X40X20 12.8C/10500  ASIA VITAL COMPONENTS CO LTD  904
DS04020B12S-080  FAN 12DB 40X40X20 12.28C/10500  ASIA VITAL COMPONENTS CO LTD  141
DS08025B12U-104(ROHS)  FAN 12DB 80X80X25 64.4C/4500  ASIA VITAL COMPONENTS CO LTD  56
P209000022  SPRING CEK SPRING CLIP CPU SPRING CPU SP  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  1296
S900A00005  Heatsink SATA CONTROLLER 30mm 30mm 9.25m  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  276
S901A00002  Heatsink-PXH-37x37x11mm-AL  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  595
S901U00003  Heatsink VSC7154 37mm 37mm 9mm AL WITH T  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  426
S902T00001  Heatsink NIC 25mm 25mm 8.75mm AL  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  1460
S903L00001  Heatsink NORTH BRIDGE 35mm 35mm 20mm AL  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  1615
S904X00001(ROHS)  Heatsink VRD 37.5mm 49.2mm 19.5mm AL WIT  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  1099
S905U10001  Heatsink LSI 35.34mm 35.34mm 6mm AL WITH  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  1410
S907300002  Heatsink SCSI CHIP 48mm 48mm 9mm AL WHIT  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  5
S907600001  Heatsink-PXH-33x33x11MM-AL  Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd.  246