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Betatherm NTC Thermistors, Sensors Specialists
Betatherm Sensors is a leading provider of high precision NTC thermistors and temperature probe assemblies. Betatherm's range of NTC thermistors and probe assemblies are suitable for a wide range of temperature measurement, temperature control, and temperature compensation applications.

Sectors served include Biomedical, Aerospace, Instrumentation, Communications, Automotive and HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning & Refrigeration). BetaTHERM serves best in applications where end product functionality is dependent on thermistor quality, accuracy, reliability and fast-time response. Products include: Leadless chips, Epoxy Thermistors, Glass Thermistors, SMDs (Surface Mount Thermistors), Standard and Custom Temperature probes.

BetaTHERM operates on a global scale through its network of sales offices, distributors, sales representatives and manufacturing locations.

Betatherm's capabilities include:
- Miniaturized devices: Minimum OD 0.35mm (0.014")
- High accuracy: Typical +/- 0.05°C
- Customization
- Competitive Pricing: Global manufacturing and supply
- Over 20 years of experience in providing temperature sensor solutions

Betatherm manufacture NTC thermistors and temperature probe assemblies. Beta Therm Corporation manufactures electronic sensing components. The Company produces NTC thermistors, temperature probe assemblies, ablation and thermo dilution catheters, patient-monitoring systems, and DNA analysis devices among others.

The Betatherm BetaCurve Thermistor Series of interchangeable thermistors will match the published resistance temperature characteristics and will be within the specified tolerance deviation. They offer tight tolerances from 0.05 degrees C at a single temperature point and +-0.1 degree over the temperature range 0 degrees to 70 degrees (32 degrees to 158 degrees F). Other tolerances are available over a wider temperature range from -80 degrees to 150 degrees (-112 degrees to 302 degrees F). These devices are encapsulated in a thermally conductive epoxy to provide mechanical protection and alloy lead wires are attached for reduced thermal conductivity.

Beta Therm Distributor
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