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About Conec

: Conec is a leading manufacturer of I/O connectors, utilizing state-of-the-art engineering, design and production techniques. CDM offers a full line of standard and specialty D-SUB connectors from Conec including filtered, combination, and IP67-rated versions.

CONEC is a leading global designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of electronic interconnect products, featuring machined signal and power contact technology for Standard, High Density, Combination D-subs, designed for high reliability applications, or for IP67 harsh-environments and EMI Filter solutions. CONEC also offers an Industrial Circular line of IP67 harsh-environment RJ 45, USB, LC Fiber, M12, M8 type connectors for Industrial Ethernet and Automation applications. CONEC is a leading connector solutions provider for Aerospace, Automation, Communication, Industrial, Instrumentation, Medical and Telecom markets and committed to providing fast, reliable solutions to OEMs and contract manufacturers.

Conec Distributor
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Conec Components - Inventory

131A10049X  PIN Connector FM 40A RPS-743  CONEC CORP  93
16-500261  16-500261 CONEC CORP CON  CONEC CORP  30
16-500271  16-500271 CONEC CON  CONEC  62
16-506311  16-506311 CONEC CON  CONEC  135
164C16579X  164C16579X CONEC CON  CONEC  81
164J12129X  HDR-STR 9WAY 164J12129X  CONEC CORP  1384
164J12129X  Connector D SUB D ARRAY 0.108 PITCH  CONEC CORP  568
165X02609X  Connector HOOD D SUB D-9ARRAY  CONEC CORP  397
165X03319A  165X03319A Conec Two Piece D-Sub Backshell Connector 15 Position Black 180Unshielded RoHS  CONEC  40
3003W3PXX57N40X  3003W3PXX57N40X CONEC CON  CONEC  69
5024W7PCS98S90B  Connector COMBO D SUB 24W7 ARRAY 0.  CONEC CORP  339
799-101180  799-101180 CONEC BKT  CONEC  "1