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About Delevan

: API Delevan is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of surface mount and thru-hole inductors, chokes, and coils in the United States. API Delevan's strategy and commitment is to work closely with our customers, invest heavily in R&D, continually introduce new reliable designs, manufacture to the highest automation levels obtainable, and provide exceptional customer service with speed and flexibility.

API Delevan is a specialty manufacturer of coil winding & resolver technologies, offering the highest reliability products in the industry. Our pedigree was founded in the Aerospace and Defense markets, where innovative solutions, high reliability and performance are key to success.

1947: Delevan Electronics is founded
2000: Acquired by Danaher Corp. (NYSE:DHR)
2007: Joins Danaher's Thomson Business
2016: Danaher splits into two businesses, API Delevan becomes part of the new Fortive Corporation (FTV)
2018: Thomson Business acquired by Altra Industrial Motion (NASDAQ: AIMC)

Delevan Distributor
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Delevan Components - Inventory

1008R-331K  DELEVAN 1008R-331K  DELEVAN  2500
1331R-471J  DELEVAN 1331R-471J  DELEVAN  1000
1641R-105K  DELEVAN 1641R-105K  DELEVAN  780
1944R-14M  1944R-14M DELEVAN 1944R Series 1.2 uH 20% 1 A 0.28 Ohm Axial Unshielded Phenolic Core RF Coil  DELEVAN  2500
2500-72J/R1000  2500-72J/R1000 DELEVAN  DELEVAN  1266
2534R-24K  2534R-24K DELEVAN  DELEVAN  1220
4221R-2  4221R-2 DELEVAN  DELEVAN  5000
4426-2RC  DELEVAN 4426-2RC  DELEVAN  4000
4426-5/R500  DELEVAN 4426-5/R500  DELEVAN  2000
4501-114M/R500  4501-114M/R500 DELEVAN 4501 Series 10 uH 20% 2.50 A Shielded SMT Power Toroid Inductor  DELEVAN  306
4501-128M  4501-128M DELEVAN 4501 Series 100 uH 20% 0.4 Ohm Surface Mount Low-Profile Power Toroid  DELEVAN  291
4590R-334K  4590R-334K DELEVAN 4590R Series 330 uH 10% 1.61 A 0.257 Ohm Axial Filter Inductor  DELEVAN  2000
4922-09L  4922-09L DELEVAN 4922 Series 4.7 uH 15% 0.047 Ohm Surface Mount High Current Power Inductor  DELEVAN  1600
4922-17L  DELEVAN 4922-17L  DELEVAN  800
4922R-09L/R800  DELEVAN 4922R-09L/R800  DELEVAN  800
4922R-49L  DELEVAN 4922R-49L  DELEVAN  800
8532R-31L  8532R-31L DELEVAN 8532R Series 330 uH 15 % 740 mA High Current SMT Power Inductor  DELEVAN  480
CM6296R-654  CM6296R-654 DELEVAN CM6296 Series 650 uH 5.5 A 30 mOhm SMT Common Mode Choke  DELEVAN  1250
CM6460R-104/B100  DELEVAN CM6460R-104/B100  DELEVAN  85
DC630R-274K  DELEVAN DC630R-274K  DELEVAN  503
MIL4922-09L  DELEVAN MIL4922-09L  DELEVAN  400
P1330R-104K/R500  DELEVAN P1330R-104K/R500  DELEVAN  1500
P1812R-102K  P1812R-102K DELEVAN P1812R Series 1 uH 10% 1050 mA Non-Shielded SMT Power Inductor  DELEVAN  2500
S1008R-221K  S1008R-221K DELEVAN S1008R Series 22 uH 10 % Tolerance 930 mA Surface Mount Shielded RF Inductor  DELEVAN  1000
S1008R-221K/R500  DELEVAN S1008R-221K/R500  DELEVAN  500
S1210-562G  S1210-562G DELEVAN S1210 Series 5.6 uH 2 % Tolerance 352 mA Surface Mount Shielded RF Inductor  DELEVAN  1000
S1210R-153K/R500  DELEVAN S1210R-153K/R500  DELEVAN  2000
S1210R-473K/R2000  DELEVAN S1210R-473K/R2000  DELEVAN  4000
S1812R-392K  S1812R-392K DELEVAN S1812R Series 3.9 uH 10 % Tolerance 487 mA Surface Mount Shielded RF Inductor  DELEVAN  1000
S4924-475K  S4924-475K DELEVAN S4924 Series 4700 uH 10% 81.6 Ohm SMT Ferrite Core/Sleeve Shielded Inductor  DELEVAN  382
SDS680R-103M/R2000  DELEVAN SDS680R-103M/R2000  DELEVAN  2000
SDS680R-106M  DELEVAN SDS680R-106M  DELEVAN  2000
SDS680R-225M/R2000  DELEVAN SDS680R-225M/R2000  DELEVAN  2000
SMB2.5R-2  SMB2.5R-2 DELEVAN SMB2.5R Series 7.2 x 9.02 x 4.7 mm 490 Ohm 9.5 A 0.005 DCR SMT Shielded Bead  DELEVAN  39900
SPD125R-103M  SPD125R-103M DELEVAN SPD Series 10 uH 20% 4 A 55 mOhm Shielded Surface Mount Power Inductor  DELEVAN  3000
SPD127R-224M/R500  DELEVAN SPD127R-224M/R500  DELEVAN  1000
SPD73R-682M/R1000  DELEVAN SPD73R-682M/R1000  DELEVAN  1000
SPD74R-223M  SPD74R-223M DELEVAN SPD74R Series 22 uH 20% 110 mOhm 2 A Shielded SMT Inductor  DELEVAN  4000