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About Edgelight

: Edgelight offers a large collection of backlight LED strips that guarantees to fit your illumination needs. These optical lenses are colorful, energy sufficient, easy to install, and have long-lasting high performance. The large beam angles offer high quality brightness and uniform distribution for your light boxes. Edgelight is a fully modular design solution for outlining stages, risers and other production structures in a high quality, linear LED strip. Edgelight's products affix to stages, risers and trusses in a very quick and elegant fashion.

Founded in 1999 based in Shanghai, Edgelight Industry Co., Ltd integrates production, development and sales. It is the first LGP developer and manufacturer using digital printing technology together with web printing technology. Becoming a leader in the industry with eight subsidiary groups, Edgelight's products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, and Canada, Russia and other countries.
Edgelight LLC is in Los Angeles, California as the production base of Edgelight in the United States and as the sales, storage and service base of Edgelight group in North America, Edgelight's USA factory also provide small scale batch sample production, which helps Edgelight group to better explore the North American market.

The Edgelight Group believes in the business philosophy of "responsibility & integrity, streamlining & efficiency, direct communication and team cooperation." Edgelight keeps quality, efficiency, and service as work objectives and constantly optimize their internal management system. Edgelight improves their professional skills for our customers and provide them with a professional platform encompassing professionalism, outstanding service and excellent product quality. Edgelight is committed to providing diverse products and a full range of LED modules and equipment solutions.

Edgelight Distributor
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XC-PC-3UL-BP-1500-3*0D75  XC-PC-3UL-BP-1500-3*0D75 Edgelight LLC Power Extension Cable Cord  Edgelight LLC  500