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: Emerson Electric Co., incorporated on September 24, 1890, is a diversified global manufacturing company, which provides solutions to customers by bringing technology and engineering together in the industrial, commercial and consumer markets around the world. The Company operates through four segments based on the nature of the products and services rendered: Process Management, Industrial Automation, Climate Technologies and Commercial & Residential Solutions. The Company's principal production operations are electronics assembly, metal stamping, forming, casting, machining, welding, plating, heat treating, painting and assembly. In addition, the Company uses specialized production operations, including automatic and semiautomatic testing, automated material handling and storage, ferrous and nonferrous machining, and special furnaces for heat treating and foundry applications.
Process Management
The Process Management segment provides measurement, control and diagnostic technologies for automated industrial processes producing items such as fuels, chemicals, foods, medicines and power. It offers customers products and technology, and engineering, project management and consulting services for precision measurement, control, monitoring and asset optimization of oil and gas reservoirs and plants that process or treat various items. The end markets served include refining, chemicals and power generation, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, pulp and paper, metals and mining, and municipal water supplies.
Process Management systems and software control plant processes by collecting and analyzing information from measurement devices in the plant and then uses that information to adjust valves, pumps, motors, drives and other control hardware for product quality and safety. The Company's process control systems are extended wirelessly to support a mobile workforce with handheld tools or communicators, provide site-wide location tracking of people and assets, and enable video monitoring and communication with wireless field devices, thereby increasing the information available to operators.
Measurement technologies provided by the Company include Coriolis direct mass flow, magnetic flow, vortex flow, ultrasonic flow, differential pressure, ultra-low flow fluid measurement, temperature sensors, radar-based tank gauging and magnetic level gauging. The Company's measurement products are used in custody transfer applications, such as the transfer of gasoline from a storage tank to a tanker truck, where metering of the amount of fluid transferred helps ensure asset management. The products include onshore and subsea multi-phase meters, wetgas meters, downhole gauges and corrosion/erosion measuring instruments.
The Company's analytical technologies include process gas chromatographs, in-situ oxygen analyzers, infrared gas and process fluid analyzers, combustion analyzers and systems, and analyzers that measure potential of hydrogen (pH), conductivity and water quality. The Company provides sensors to detect combustible and toxic gases, and flames. These devices support the safety of both people and process plant assets. Measurement and analytical instrumentation technologies are also available with wireless communication service, allowing customers to monitor processes or equipment.
The Company's Global Industry Centers offer engineering and project management services to help customers with their process equipment and automation assets. These Centers serve industries, such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemicals, power, food and beverage, and life sciences. The centers also assist customers in diagnosing equipment problems and plant inefficiencies. The Company's Process Management services are offered under various trade names, such as Emerson Process Management, AMS Suite, Baumann, Bettis, Bristol, CSI, Damcos, Daniel, DeltaV, EIM, El-O-Matic, Fisher, Go Switch, Guardian, Micro Motion, Net Safety, Ovation, PlantWeb, ROC, Rosemount, Roxar, Smart Process, SureService, Tescom, TopWorx, Valvetop and Virgo.
Industrial Automation
The Industrial Automation segment provides integrated manufacturing solutions to its customers at the source of manufacturing their own products. The products offered under Industrial Automation segment include fluid controls, electrical distribution devices, materials joining equipment and hermetic motors. Fluid Power and Control products control and power the flow of fluids (liquids and gases) in manufacturing operations such as automobile assembly, food processing, textile manufacturing and petrochemical processing. Products include solenoid and pneumatic valves, valve position indicators, pneumatic cylinders, air preparation equipment, and pressure, vacuum and temperature switches.
Electrical distribution consists of a line of components for current-carrying and non-current-carrying electrical distribution devices, including conduit and cable fittings, plugs and other receptacles, industrial lighting, enclosures and controls. Products are used in hazardous, industrial, commercial and construction environments, such as oil and gas drilling and production sites, pulp and paper mills and petrochemical plants. The Company supplies plastic and metal joining technologies and equipment to a diversified manufacturing customer base, including automotive, medical devices and toys. The Company also provides precision cleaning and liquid processing solutions to industrial and commercial manufacturers. Its products include ultrasonic joining and cleaning equipment; linear and orbital vibration welding equipment; systems for hot plate, spin and laser welding equipment, and aqueous, semi-aqueous and vapor cleaning systems. The Company provides a range of hermetic motors that are used in commercial, industrial and residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products and applications. The Company's Industrial Automation services are offered under various trade names, such as Emerson Industrial Automation, Appleton, ASCO, ASCO Joucomatic, ASCO Numatics, Branson Ultrasonics and O-Z/Gedney.
Climate Technologies
The Climate Technologies segment provides products and services for all areas of the climate control industry, including residential heating and cooling, commercial air conditioning, and commercial and industrial refrigeration. The Company's technologies enable homeowners and businesses to manage their heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Climate Technologies also provides services that digitally control and remotely monitor refrigeration units in grocery stores and other food distribution outlets.
The Company provides a range of heating and air conditioning products in various buildings. These products include reciprocating and scroll air conditioning compressors, system protector and flow control devices, standard, programmable and Wi-Fi thermostats, monitoring equipment and electronic controls for gas and electric heating systems, gas valves for furnaces and water heaters, ignition systems for furnaces, sensors and thermistors for home appliances, and temperature sensors and controls. The Company's technology is incorporated into equipment to refrigerate food and beverages in supermarkets, convenience stores, food service operations, refrigerated trucks and refrigerated marine transport containers. Climate Technologies refrigeration products are used in a range of industrial applications, such as medical applications, food processing and cold storage. Its products include reciprocating, scroll and screw compressors; precision flow controls; system diagnostics and controls, and environmental control systems. The Company's Climate Technologies segment offers its services under various trade names, such as Emerson Climate Technologies, Control Products, Computer Process Controls, Copeland, Design Services Network, Dixell, Emerson Climate Technologies Distribution Services, Emerson Climate Technologies Educational Services, Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Services, Fusite, Therm-O-Disc, Vilter and White-Rodgers.
Commercial & Residential Solutions
The Company's Commercial & Residential Solutions segment includes tools for professionals and homeowners, storage products and appliance solutions. Its pipe-working tools are used by plumbing and mechanical professionals to install and repair piping systems. The Company's products include pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, pipe threading and roll grooving equipment, mechanical crimping tube joining systems, drain cleaners, tubing tools, and diagnostic systems, including closed-circuit television pipe inspection and locating equipment. The Company offers other professional tools, such as water jetters, wet-dry vacuums, commercial vacuums and bolt cutters. Its do-it-yourself tools, available at retail home improvement outlets, include drain cleaning equipment, pipe and tube working tools, and wet-dry vacuums.
The Company provides freestanding, fixed and mobile storage products for residential applications. Its products for the home include shelving systems, cabinet and closet organizers, home office storage, and drawer systems and containers, available in wire, stainless steel and laminate. The Company provides a number of appliance solutions, including residential and commercial food waste disposers, ceiling fans, instant hot water dispensers and compact electric water heaters. The Company's Commercial & Residential Solutions segment offers its services under various trade names, such as Emerson, Emerson Appliance Solutions, Emerson Professional Tools, Emerson Storage Solutions, ClosetMaid, InSinkErator, ProTeam and RIDGID.

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IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

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