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About Forward Relay

: Forward Relay is manufacturing a wide range of relays to fit numerous fields of applications. Forward Relay is a manufactures, specializing in the production of signal relay, automotive relay, power relay, etc. We can provide customers with quality assurance, fast. Ningbo Forward Relay Corp.Ltd was founded in 1986, it is a joint venture company which specialized in R&D, mass production in big range of the electromagnetic relays. Forward Relay is a manufactures, specializing in the production of signal relay, automotive relay, industrial relay, power relay, etc.

Ningbo Forward has the very strong R&D team and it is the National Approved Hi-tech Manufacturer. Equipped with the Provincial Recognized Research Institute and their R&D team is mainly composed of Japanese engineers and German engineers, also has the domestic top engineering and technical people to develop more than 100 kinds of products with 10,000 specifications. The products are mainly operated in the industry, automotive, signal, household appliance and new energy areas. Ningbo Forward has three production bases and the annual output has achieved over 200M pieces. Ningbo Forward has become one of the national largest relay R&D and production bases.
Ninbgo Forward has a complete set of international quality management system, the company has been certified successfully with ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001 quality certifications. The products have been approved by VDE,TüV,UL/CUL and CQC safety certificates.
Ningbo Forward is equipped with the first-class test platform, advanced process management and the high quality service. It concentrates on its concept of “Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction Achieved” Ningbo Forward is dedicated to providing the high quality products by the professional and precision production, and committed to building the famous brand in the world.

Forward Relay Distributor
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