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About Foxboro

: The Foxboro Company provides products and services in a wide variety of industries: oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pulp and paper, food and beverage, water and wastewater to name a few. Our customers rely on us to help them produce top quality products at competitive prices - safely, reliably and accurately.

Foxboro was acquired by Schneider Electric in January of 2014. Its history of innovation continues with our commitment to provide you best products and services with superior instrumentation and our award-winning Distributed Control System.
Foxboro offers plant automation systems, flowmeters, single-loop controllers, and a variety of product support services. The company also offers level, pressure, and temperature instruments as well as a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) based process analyzer designed for refinery, petrochemical, food processing, and pulp and paper operations.

Schneider Electric acquired their ownership of Foxboro Company when they acquired Foxboro's parent company, Invensys, in February 2014. Foxboro is a good fit within the Schneider structure as they are manufacturers of quality process measurement instruments that are intended to function within sophisticated device networks. This is an important characteristic for Schneider as they seek to expand their native product portfolio and thus the total value proposition they can offer both new and existing customers. Foxboro has brought with them an industrial customer base that Schneider can now more adequately address than before. Their product lines include flow and pressure instrumentation, including vortex, magnetic, and Coriolis flowmeters.

Schneider Electric is an international company focused on the use of technologies to address the worldwide issue of energy. The company's primary market has consisted of electrical utilities, water & waste treatment plants, public-sector infrastructure, oil & gas, and marine.

Foxboro Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

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We understand that our customers need more than just a supplier; they need a strategic partner in their supply chain, so we strive to be that and more. We consistently utilize our in-stock inventory and global network of suppliers to reduce your procurement cycles, lower transaction costs and provide quality electronic components at competitive prices.

IBS Electronics can source Foxboro original and alternative parts. Often original parts for outdated products are no longer available or are very expensive due to demand. It is here our expertise can assist you to find the best solution to fulfil your requirements.