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About GigaDevice

: GigaDevice, a leading provider of non-volatile memory (NVM) devices, engages in advanced memory and related chip design. The company holds a strong relationship with foundry partners, assembly and testing to create high-quality products designed for embedded, consumer electronics and mobile communications applications.

GigaDevice Semiconductor is a Chinese NOR flash memory designer. GigaDevice also produces microcontrollers, some of them are based on ARM architecture (GD32 series), and other on RISC-V architecture (GD32V series).GD32 chips were introduced in 2015 and are compatible in pinout and periphery options to STM32 line of MCU.

GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc. produces non-volatile memory (NVM) devices. The Company designs, manufactures, and sells flash chips including NOR, NAND, and other integrated circuit products around the world. In addition, the company also engages in import and export of goods and technology, acts as import and export agency, etc. The company acquired Integrated Silicon Solution Inc., a semiconductor company that is among the major producers of NOR flash, in 2015 for US$731 million.

GigaDevice Distributor
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GD25Q16CSIGR  GD25Q16CSIGR GigaDevice SPI NOR Flash Memory 3.3V16Mb (2M x 8) SPI - QuadI/O 120MHz 8-SOP RoHS  GIGADEVICE  2