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: IDEC Corporation, formerly IDEC Izumi Corporation, is a manufacturer of Automation and Control products. The company was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1945. IDEC is known for their various electromechanical control products such as relays, timers, and switches. The company also manufactures automation products, such as Micro Programmable logic controllers, power supplies, and touch screen displays. In addition to supplying automation and control products, other divisions of the company supply sensors, bar code readers, and advanced LED opto electronic components.

IDEC is a global manufacturer of automation and control products with locations throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. IDEC is known for electromechanical control products such as relays, timers, and switches, as well as, automation products such as Micro Programmable logic controllers, power supplies, and touch screen displays.

IDEC offers an industrial switch or indicator for almost any applications with terminations including solder / quick connect terminals, screw terminals, or PC board pins for direct board mounting. IDEC also manufactures emergency stop switches with an innovative "safe break action" design, which utilizes a reverse energy structure to ensure that the NC contacts will open if the emergency switch is damaged.

IDEC designs and manufactures control automation products that are sold to original equipment manufacturers. IDEC goal is to meet customers' ever changing needs with quality products at a competitive price. With products that direct processes and systems, IDEC's components are used in a variety of applications. You may see IDEC switches in an elevator, a subway station or on a factory control panel. IDEC relays, power supplies or timers may be in a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) unit or a water dispensing machine. IDEC PLCs might be controlling robots in a manufacturing process or factory automation setting. In addition, IDEC products can be found at car washes, in vending machines, animal feedlots, escalators, and water treatment plants.

IDEC Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

IDEC Components - Inventory

BN75W  BN75W Idec Connector Screw Clamp Terminals Block 2Postion 16 to 4 AWG 600V 75A BN DIN Rail RoHS  IDEC  232
CW1L-M2E11Q4A  CW1L-M2E11Q4A Idec PB Illuminated Pushbuttons 1NO-1NC Mom 24VDC Amber RoHS  IDEC  371
CW1L-M2E11Q4G  CW1L-M2E11Q4G IDEC Illuminated Pushbuttons Plastic Bezel Extended 1NO-1NC Mom 24VDC Green 22mm Flush Mount. RoHS  IDEC  68
LD9Z-6AC4  LD9Z-6AC4 IDEC Four Tier Center Screw Set for LD6A Signal Tower LED Series RoHS  IDEC  463
LD9Z-6ALB-W  LD9Z-6ALB-W IDEC LED Module White Flashing / Steady 24VAC / 24VDC IP65 Black Light Tower RoHS  IDEC  382
RJ2S-C-D12  RJ2S-C-D12 IDEC Power Relay E-Mech DPDT Ctrl-V 12DC 8A 250VAC Socket Mount Blade Non Latching RoHS  IDEC  230
SJ2S-05BW  SJ2S-05BW IDEC Relay Socket 8A 250V 8 Pins Screw DIN Rail RoHS  IDEC  28