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About Isabellenhutte

: As one of the leading providers worldwide Isabellenhutte produces first-class precision and power resistors in the field of low resistance load for various applications.

Isabellenhutte, a family-run company, is one of the most important manufacturers of electrical resistance materials and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement as well as of passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

As an internationally recognized specialist and technology leader, Isabellenhutte repeatedly defines the state of technology with its innovative products and underlines the technological and innovative expertise of Isabellenhutte.

Isabellenhutte USA specializes in the manufacture of precision current sensing and power resistive solutions for the automotive, industrial, clean energy and aerospace markets. Their low ohmic and high precision resistors set the industry standard for current shunts, sensing and controlling current. They are also known for their metal-clad high power, low inductance, dynamic breaking resistors and precision measurement systems.

Low Ohmic, Precision and Power Resistors
Very good long term stability, high current and pulse load handling capabilities across the range
Surface-mount power resistors in various packages and designs including 4-terminal options for current sensing
Through-hole, low ohmic, high power resistors with 2-terminal and 4-terminal designs
Automotive and space approved resistors available

Isabellenhutte Distributor
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Isabellenhutte Components - Inventory

BVT-M-R001-1.0  BVT-M-R001-1.0 Isabellenhuette Current Sense Resistor 0.001 Ohm 1 % AEC-Q200 SMD 2512 2 Terminals 3W RoHS  ISABELLENHUTTE  
SMS-R010-1.0  SMS-R010-1.0 Isabellenhuette Metal Alloy Current Sense Resistor 0.01ohm % SMD 2512 AEC-Q200 RoHS  ISABELLENHUTTE  3750