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About Lantiq

: Lantiq was a fabless semiconductor company of approximately 1,000 people based in Germany. On February 2, 2015 it was announced that Intel would purchase the company for an undisclosed sum. Intel Corp. announced a definitive agreement to buy Lantiq, a Munich, Germany-based supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies. Intel did not disclose the terms of acquisition.

Lantiq has over 2,000 patents related to broadband communications and offers technologies including xDSL solutions with vectoring and G.Fast, as well as fiber-based technologies such as fiber to the distribution point (FTTdp). Lantiq produces chips for these devices.

By leveraging Lantiq — armed with extensive DSL solutions and a strong patent portfolio related to broadband communications, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based CPU giant hopes to put itself on the map for global broadband gateway business. Intel plans to expand the company's current cable residential gateway business to others, including “DSL, Fiber, LTE, retail and IoT smart routers,” according to Intel.

Lantiq's presence in the broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) is believed to be particularly attractive to Intel, who wants to be in the market for next-generation gateways that connect a variety of devices and services at home.

Lantiq Distributor
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