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: MaxLinear, Inc. is a provider of radio frequency (RF) and mixed-signal integrated circuits for cable and satellite broadband communications and the connected home, and wired and wireless infrastructure markets. The Company's RF receiver products capture and process digital and analog broadband signals to be decoded for various applications. These products include both RF receivers and RF receiver systems-on-chip (SoCs), which incorporate its radio system architecture and the functionality necessary to receive and demodulate broadband signals, modem solutions, and physical medium devices that provide a constant current source, current-to-voltage regulation, and data alignment and retiming functionality in optical interconnect applications. It provides semiconductor solutions for the connected home, specifically Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) solutions. It sells its products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), module makers and original design manufacturers (ODMs).

MaxLinear Distributor
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MAXLINEAR Components - Inventory

SP1485EEN-L/TR  SP1485EEN-L/TR MAXLINEAR SP1485E Series 20Mpbs Enhanced Low Power Half-Duplex RS-485 Transceiver- NSOIC-8  MAXLINEAR  5000
SP3220EBCA-L/TR  SP3220EBCA-L/TR MAXLINEAR SP3220E Series 250 kbps 5.5 V RS-232 1 Driver / 1 Receiver Pair - SSOP-16  MAXLINEAR  6000
SP3222ECY-L/TR  SP3222ECY-L/TR MaxLinear Dual Transmitter/Receiver RS-232 3V-5.5V 20-Pin TSSOP T/R RoHS  MAXLINEAR  415
SP3222EEY-L/TR  SP3222EEY-L/TR MaxLinearDual Transmitter/ReceiverRS-232 250kbps 5.5V 20-Pin TSSOP T/R RoHS  MAXLINEAR  22500
SP3222EEY-L/TR  SP3222EEY-L/TR MaxLinear Dual Transmitter/Receiver RS-232 250kbps 5.5V 20-Pin TSSOP T/R RoHS  MAXLINEAR  451
SP3223EEY-L/TR  SP3223EEY-L/TR MaxLinear RS-232 Interface TSSOP-20 RoHS  MAXLINEAR  154
SP3223EEY-L/TR  SP3223EEY-L/TR MAXLINEAR SP3223E Series 120 kbps 5.5 V Intelligent RS-232 Transceiver - TSSOP-20  MAXLINEAR  77500
SP3232EBEN-L  SP3232EBEN-L MAXLINEAR SP3232EB Series 250 kbps 5.5 V True RS-232 Transceiver - NSOIC-16  MAXLINEAR  1797
SP3232EHEY-L/TR  SP3232EHEY-L/TR MAXLINEAR SP3232EH Series 460 Kbps 3.3 V RS-232 SMT Transceiver - TSSOP-16  MAXLINEAR  2500
SP3239EEA-L/TR  SP3239EEA-L/TR MAXLINEAR SP3239E Series 250 kbps 5.5 V Intelligent RS-232 Transceiver - SSOP-28  MAXLINEAR  10500
SP336EEY-L  SP336EEY-L MAXLINEAR SP336 Series 250 kbps RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Serial Transceiver - TSSOP-28  MAXLINEAR  577
SP3494EN-L  SP3494EN-L MaxLinear RS-422/RS-485 Interface IC 3.3V 8-Pin SOIC Tube RoHS  MAXLINEAR  119
SP3494EN-L/TR  SP3494EN-L/TR MaxLinear RS-422/RS-485 Interface IC 3.3V 8-Pin SOIC T/R RoHS  MAXLINEAR  93
SP485EEN-L/TR  SP485EEN-L/TR MaxLinear Transceiver Half RS422 RS485 - 7V to 12V 8-SOIC RoHS  MAXLINEAR  453
SP491ECN-L/TR  SP491ECN-L/TR MAXLINEAR SP491E Series 10 Mbps 5 V Enhanced Full Duplex SMT RS-485 Transceiver - NSOIC-14  MAXLINEAR  3548
SP6128AEY-L/TR  SP6128AEY-L/TR MAXLINEAR SP6128AEY Series 5.5 V Buck Surface Mount Switching Regulator - TSSOP-14  MAXLINEAR  5000
SP6205EM5-L/TR  SP6205EM5-L/TR MAXLINEAR SP6205 Series ADJ Output Voltage 500 mA SMT CMOS LDO Regulator - SOT-23-5  MAXLINEAR  3000
SP6661EN-L  SP6661EN-L MAXLINEAR SP6661 Series 5.3 V 900 kHz 200 mA SMT Switching Regulator - SOIC-8N  MAXLINEAR  2548
SP706TEN-L/TR  SP706TEN-L/TR Exar/MaxLinear Processor Supervisor 3.08V 1 Channel Automotive 8-Pin SOIC T/R RoHS  MAXLINEAR  296
SPX2945M3-L-3-3/TR  SPX2945M3-L-3-3/TR Exar LDO Regulator Position 3.3V 0.4A 4-Pin(3+Tab) SOT-223 T/R RoHS  MAXLINEAR  102
SPX3819M5-L-1-2/TR  SPX3819M5-L-1-2/TR MAXLINEAR SPX3819 Series 1.2 V 500 mA Fixed Output Surface Mount Voltage Regulator -SOT-23  MAXLINEAR  15000
ST16C554DCQ64-F  ST16C554DCQ64-F MAXLINEAR ST68C554 Series 1.5 Mbps 5.5 V Quad uART With 16-Byte FIFO - TQFP-64  MAXLINEAR  196
ST16C654DCQ64-F  ST16C654DCQ64-F MAXLINEAR ST16C654 Series 1.5 Mbps 5.5 V SMT Quad uART With 64-Byte FIFO - PLCC-68  MAXLINEAR  268
ST68C554IJ68-F  ST68C554IJ68-F MAXLINEAR ST16C654 Series 1.5 Mbps 5.5 V SMT Quad uART With 64-Byte FIFO - PLCC-68  MAXLINEAR  76
XR16C854IQ-F  XR16C854IQ-F MAXLINEAR XR16C854 Series 2 Mbps 5.5 V SMT Quad uART With 128-Byte FIFO - QFP-100  MAXLINEAR  51
XR16L580IM-F  XR16L580IM-F MAXLINEAR XR16L580 Series 3.125 Mbps 5.5 V uART With 16-Byte FIFO and Powersave - TQFP-48  MAXLINEAR  487
XR16V598IQ100-F  XR16V598IQ100-F MAXLINEAR XR16V598 Series 15 Mbps 3.6 V High Performance Octal uART W/16-Byte FIFO-QFP-100  MAXLINEAR  48
XR17V258IV-F  XR17V258IV-F MAXLINEAR XR17V258 Series 8 Mbps 3.3V 66 MHz PCI BuS Octal uART W/Power Management Support  MAXLINEAR  1200
XR46014ISETR  XR46014ISETR MAXLINEAR XR Series Adjustable Voltage Regulator - SOT-223  MAXLINEAR  90000
XR78021ELTR-F  XR78021ELTR-F MaxLinear Power Driver Module H-Bridge MOSFET 20 A Surface Mount 27-PowerVQFN  MaxLinear  0
XRT75VL00IV-F  XRT75VL00IV-F MAXLINEAR XRT75 Series 3.3 V Single Channel Fully Integrated Line Interface unit - TQFP-52  MAXLINEAR  59
XRT91L34IV-F  XRT91L34IV-F MAXLINEAR Quad Channel 622.08 MHz LVDS / LVPECL Multirate Clock and Data Recovery Device  MAXLINEAR  90