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About Maxtor

: Maxtor was an American computer hard disk drive manufacturer. Founded in 1982, it was the third largest hard disk drive manufacturer in the world before being purchased by Seagate in 2006.
In 2000, Maxtor acquired Quantum's hard drive division, which gave Maxtor the ATA/133 hard drive interface and helped Maxtor revive its server hard drive market. In 2006, Maxtor was acquired by Seagate.

Maxtor Distributor
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Maxtor Components - Inventory

STM305004OTA3E1-RK  Maxtor OneTouch 4 - hard drive - 500 GB    rfq
STM310005OTA3E1-RK  Maxtor OneTouch 4 - hard drive - 1 TB Hi-Speed USB    rfq
STM902503OTA3E1-RK  Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini - hard drive - 250 GB USB 2    rfq