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About Morethanall

: Founded in 1983, Morethanall designs and manufactures various types of connectors to meet 5C's market trend. Applied to computers, consumer electronics, communications, automobile and channel distributions, our products have gained a fine reputation and selling successfully over the world.

Morethanall was established in 1983, and is specialized in the design and manufacture of various connectors. These products are applied to computers, consumer electronics, communications, automobiles and channel distributions. Morethanall has both Taiwan and mainland China facilities can meet your exact specifications.

Wide product range
Morethanall offers a comprehensive and diversified product range:
* Board to board, pin headers, female headers, jumper, DIN 41612, LCM
* Board to wire, wafers, housings, terminals, wire to wire
* Ribbon cable connectors, serial ATA connectors, IDC sockets, IDC plugs, IDC headers, box headers, latch headers, ejection headers, card edge connectors
* FPC/FFC sockets and cable, ZIF or non-ZIF
* IC card/memory card connectors, PCMCIA, Compact Flash, SD card, Memory Stick, XD card, smart card, SIM card, game cartridge, edge slots, AGP slots, PCI slots
* Socket type connectors, battery holders, DIMM sockets, SIMM sockets, SOJ sockets, PLCC sockets, IC sockets
* Rectangular I/O connectors, USB, mini USB, D-sub, high density, half pitch, SCA, SCSI, 1394, 1394a, 1394b, V.35, cellular phone connectors
* Circular I/O connectors, jacks and plugs, DC, phono, earphone, RCA, circular DIN, mini DIN, coaxial connectors
* Telecom I/O connectors, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, modular jacks, modular plugs and telephone splices
* Terminals and terminal blocks, barrier type, Euro PCB type, plug-in, IDC-clamp, screw-clamp, cage-clamp, spring-clamp, screwless, terminals and housings for automobile business and any custom-made connectors and cable assemblies are welcome.

Morethanall Distributor
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Morethanall Components - Inventory

DCJ-2.0017/RH  DCJ-2.0017/RH Morethanall DC Power Jack DC Jack  Morethanall  1000
DCJ-R-20-LF  DCJ-R-20-LF Morethanall DC Jack RA 2mm DC Jack  Morethanall  1