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About Nanjing Shiheng Electronics

: Shiheng Electronics is a private technology company that integrates R&D, production and sales of NTC thermistors, NTC temperature sensors, PTC thermistors and zinc oxide varistors among other products. NTC thermistor series applications include surge current control, temperature compensation, precision temperature testing and temperature control. Shiheng is a leader in the NTC thermistors and NTC temperature sensors market sectors.

The company manufactures PTC & NTC thermistors (THERMally sensitive resistors) and thermistor temperature sensors probe. PTC thermistors application cover overcurrent overload and short circuit protection , telecom protection, temperature sensing protection, motor sensing protection,motor starting, lighting soft switching time delay, self-regulation constant heating, linear silicon PTC thermistor temperature sensor, etc. NTC thermistors application cover power thermistor for inrush current limiting surge suppressing, NTC thermistor for temperature measurement, indicator, temperature compensation, temperature control, in either radial leaded, axial leaded, or customer tailored thermistor temperature sensor probe assembly, for surface temperature sensing or liquid immersion temperature measurement.

The company has modern standard workshops with the complete automaticproduction facilities, perfect special measuring and testing instruments and a strict total quality control system (ISO9001).

The products are widely applied in the fields of industrial electronic equipment, telecommunication, electric power, transportation, medical apparatus, household applicances, testing instruments and power equipment etc., and NTC thermistors, its major products, have been exported in large quantities.

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