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: LHarris Narda-MITEQ combines years of innovation and expertise in microwave and RF technology. They design and manufacture both standard and custom products with stock delivery offered for an extensive offering of catalog components. Their product portfolio consists of a broad range of Passive and Active Components, Subsystems, Mechanical Switches, IMAs, SATCOM Solutions, Spaceborne Components, as well as RF Safety monitoring equipment. Narda-MITEQ's products and services support defense, research, communications, and medical and scientific end markets.

Product Catalogs
Degree Hybrid Couplers
Degree Hybrid Couplers
Between Series RF Adapters
Bi-Directional Couplers
Block Up Converters
DC Blocks
Diode Detectors
Directional Couplers
Down Converters
Dual Directional Couplers
Fixed Attenuators
Frequency Doublers
Frequency Synthesizers
Horn Antennas
In Series RF Adapters
Line Stretchers
Low Noise Blocks
Mechanical Phase Shifters
Phase Trimmers
Power Dividers
RF Over Fiber Modules
SATCOM Amplifier Systems
Up Converters
Variable Attenuators
Waveguide Amplifiers
Waveguide Couplers
Waveguide Phase Shifters
Waveguide Pressure Windows
Waveguide to Coax Adapters
Waveguide Transitions

Jan. 22, 2015: L-3 Communications (NYSE:LLL) announced today that it acquired the assets of MITEQ, Inc. on January 21, 2015, subject to customary adjustments. The business will be combined with L-3's Narda Microwave-East business located in Hauppauge, N.Y., and the new organization will be called L-3 Narda-Miteq.

The Miteq business develops and manufactures specialized RF microwave products and solid-state SATCOM components that complement the existing Narda product line. The combined L-3 Narda-Miteq business will provide products for the U.S. military, government agencies, prime contractors and commercial customers.

Miteq offers a broad product line of active and passive RF microwave components and low-power SATCOM products for space and military applications. The RF microwave product line includes low-noise and power amplifiers, mixers, solid-state switch assemblies, synthesizers, oscillators and multipliers. SATCOM products include components for airborne and Earth Station systems, as well as solid-state power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, uplink power control units and frequency converters.

Headquartered in New York City, L-3 employs approximately 48,000 people worldwide and is a prime contractor in aerospace systems and national security solutions. L-3 is also a leading provider of a broad range of communication and electronic systems and products used on military and commercial platforms. The company reported 2013 (revised) sales of $12.6 billion.

Narda-MITEQ Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

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