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About Nikkohm

: Nikkohm is a manufacturer of fixed resistors founded since 1966. Nikkohm Co.,Ltd. - Advanced Thin Film Technology

Since 1966, when Nikkohm was established in Misawa Japan, the manufacturer has supplied long life, high quality and unique resistive electronic components. Nikkohm does not focus on producing commodity parts, but resistive components which feature very long life, very low failure rate, low TCR, high stability and tight tolerance by using thin film, thick film and precision heat treatment technologies.

Nikkohm supplies: SMT Thinfilm, SMT Precision Resitors, SMT Shunt Resistors, Precision Resistors and Networks, Power Resistors with TO-Housing, High Power Resistors, RF- and Microwave Components, RF Resistors, Attenuators, Terminations. Nikkohm products are produced by excellent technologies of thermal conduction, thermal stress, high frequency characteristics and humidity protection. The components are processed in such advanced technologies as pvd & sputtering, diffusion process, photo-chemical process and laser processing. Always newly developed highly reliable electronic components of industrial applications are supplied to our customers with Nikkohm's quality system and the concept of customer satisfy management.

Nikkohm Distributor
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Nikkohm Components - Inventory

ULH 150N  ULH 150N Nikkohm 10ohm J FL500mm 2500VAC Resistor  Nikkohm  50