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About Numonyx

: Numonyx provides a full complement of integrated NOR, NAND, RAM and Phase Change non-volatile memory technologies and products to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of customers in the cellular, data and embedded markets. Numonyx is dedicated to providing high density, low power memory technologies and packaging solutions to a global base of customers. Numonyx was a semiconductor company making flash memories, which was founded on March 31, 2008, by Intel Corporation, STMicroelectronics and Francisco Partners. It was acquired by Micron Technology on February 9, 2010

Numonyx Distributor
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Numonyx Components - Inventory

JS48F4400P0TB00  NORFlash32Mx16  NUMONYX  3
M25P16-VMN6TP  M25P16-VMN6TP Flash Mem Serial-SPI 3.3V 16M-Bit 2Mx 8 8ns 8-Pin SOIC RoHS  NUMONYX  2
M29F040B55N6E  M29F040B55N6E Numonyx Flash Mem Parallel 5V 4M-Bit512K x 8 TSOP RoHS  NUMONYX  148
M29W160ET70N6F  IC 3V 16Mbit Flash Memory SMD TSOP48  Numonyx B.V  2600
N25Q064A13ESE40F  IC FLASH MEMORY 64M 108MHZ SOP 8P TR  Numonyx B.V.  1
N25Q128A13BSF40F  FMEM 16M*8 2.7-3.6V N25Q128A SO16  NUMONYX  83
PC28F640J3D75A  PC28F640J3D75A Numonyx NOR Flash Memory IC 64Mb (8M x 8 4M x 16) Parallel75 ns 64-EasyBGA Tray RoHS  NUMONYX  8